Is this insurance website a good one to get and auto quote from?

Is this insurance website a good one to get and auto quote from?

Have any of you ever heard of this auto insurance website if so please tell me if you saved any money i got a free quote from them and only saved 300 dollars more a year.But they are advertising that you can save 500 dollars a year.i don-t know seams kind of fishy to me the only good thing about it was that the process only took like 3 minutes.and not a half hour of my life lol.


Anthony,Here is the nub of it (from their privacy policy statement):Requests for Quotes and Services from Requested Service ProvidersCertain portions of this Site may allow you to request a quote, services or information from one or more third parties, such as insurance providers ("Requested Service Providers"). If you provide your personally identifiable information on the Site and request a quote, services or information from Requested Service Providers (e.g., by clicking "Submit" or "get your quotes") (a "Request"), we may share, loan, rent or sell your personally identifiable information to our affiliates, that we match with your Request, your current provider, or to other third parties that may match you with a Requested Service Provider. In addition, the Requested Service Providers and such third may further disclose, share and use any personally identifiable information provided by you in connection with your Request. If you make a Request, you expressly consent to such disclosure and use of your personally identifiable information. If you do not want your personally identifiable information shared as described above, then you should not submit a Request.What that says, in so many words, is that they gather information that you provide and send it to "Requested Service Providers ". I would be surprised if you have not already been contacted by several agents eager to give you a quote.Source(s):...


NO, they are a scam site.



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