Is this quotes a good deal for homeowner insurance ?

Is this quotes a good deal for homeowner insurance ?

hi, we need homeowner insurance in order to close the house next is the quotes i got from States Farm. i know they are pretty good in auto insurance, but what about homeowner and flood ?house coverage 100kinterior properties coverage : 20kfull cover everything$1785 annually. what you think at this current rate?another quote cheaper for $ 1491 annually but the value of coverage will be DEPRECIATED every year AND no hurricane evacuation coverage.!which one would you choose ? why ?


It would help greatly if you tell us what city and state you live in. It sounds pretty expensive to me and I live in TX where our insurance is quite high due to the exposure to hail, tornado hurricane and this year forest fire.Without other info, it might be best to go to an independent agent (he will represent more than one company) and get him to quote you in several different companies. State Farm guys only represent State Farm and they will only quote you one company. Take it or leave it.Good luck,Source(s):20 years in insurance



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