Is TitleMax, as title holder, the owner of a vehicle?

Is TitleMax, as title holder, the owner of a vehicle?

Hi!In 2011, I pawned my car title to TitleMax. I moved to Texas in October of 2011 but continued making payments to the Alabama TitleMax each month. In May 2012, I had an accident with an 18 wheeler on I75 in Dallas. The police did a police report, I had it towed, and immediately informed TitleMax what had happened and that (obviously) I would not be renewing my pawn. The guy at the auto shop was nice and told me that TitleMax would send an estimator out and either auction it or sell it. I said great, and never heard from them or Title Max again--until today when I got a letter from The auto place informing me that they were filing a mechanic'-s lien for $8661.41 as of January 1, 2013, as the car was owned by me.I was under the impression that TitleMax, as title holder, has owned the car since I pawned it. Is this incorrect?


Actually it belongs to the insurance company now, and yes it belonged to them when u pawned it.



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