Is VEHBIDZ a legitimate site?

Is VEHBIDZ a legitimate site?

Has anyone used the vehicle auction site VEHBIDZ ?They offer salvage insurance wrecks. Problem is , in order to register on this site apparently one has to deposit cash with them, I think a sum of $1000?Anyone dealt w them?BTW, I see that they are not recognized by the Better Business Bureau


I bought my BMW 325 from this site last summer. Vehbidz is a licensed car dealer in Florida doing business as Rico Solutions LLC. They have access to all major auto auctions (copart, iaai, manheim, adesa, salvage direct etc). When I bought my vehicle I decided to use my deposit to pay for shipping otherwise it is 100% refundable. You may call their support and ask to email or fax you a copy of the dealer licence to check if they are still in business. Not sure about BBB but they have been certified by TRUSTe you may click the icon on their website.



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