Last night I got into a devastating auto accident. Some idiot driving a National Grid car ?

Last night I got into a devastating auto accident. Some idiot driving a National Grid car ?

(a gas company in Brooklyn) went through a red light at an intersection while I was crossing it. I had no time to react. I hit him on the passenger side, and both cars then ran onto the sidewalk and slammed into the corner of a building. I was the driver. My mother was sitting in the front, my father behind her. Thankfully, no one was too seriously hurt. My parents did go with an ambulance to the hospital. My mother suffered broken bones on both hands, and a fractured rib. My father suffered a concussion. I suffered a right knee injury, left jaw injury, and I can'-t hear too much from the left ear. I also have ringing in that ear. My car was destroyed, and I only had liability on it. (removed full coverage 2 weeks ago). Now I owe the bank $294 a month for a remaining 3 years and 9 months payments on my vehicle. I am VERY angry that this idiot came out of nowhere and cut us off. I am suing National Grid. I'-d like to know what are the steps I should take next, and how should I take them? I do not want to make any serious mistakes. This was HIS fault, and we are thankful we are alive.


What do you mean that you are sueing them? Are you or do you have an attorney? You need an attorney only for your injuries. The guy that hit you will be handling your car damages.You have many good answers here. Go with them.


Don't loans require full coverage? And, it only happened last night and are already talking about suing?Anyways - if the accident is deemed his fault, then his insurance should pay the actual cash value of your vehicle, loss of income, rental expenses, etc. So, I would give his insurance a chance before you jump into a lawsuit.But, you know it was incredibly stupid to drop full coverage when you still have a loan on the vehicle, right? What if he ran and was never caught - you'd really be screwed!Source(s):Licensed Insurance Producer


No doubt he has insurance so give the police report to your insurance company and they will contact his and that will take care of it.


Get a lawyer and tell him what you want and he will handle it and most importantly dont wait too long.


Even without full coverage (and how did you manage to cancel that with the car still financed?), turn it in to your insurance company- they have the experience and resources to handle it. That's what you're paying them for.


Since he hit you you will automatically be covered thru your insurance. In your liability section you have a insurance called DCPD (Direct Compensation Property Damage) This coverage "covers" your vehicle damages if you get into an accident that is not your fault.Usualy their is no deductible to pay.Advise your insurance company of the accident and accident report. They will take care of the rest.Also how were you able to delete the Collision & Comp on your vehicle when its still financed?Good luck with everything.Source(s):Registered Insurance Broker


Contact your insurance company and make a report, making sure they have a copy of the police report. Since you dropped your collision, they may or may not be able to help you, but they still to know about it.Either you, or your insurance will then file a claim with the at fault parties insurance. If they accept liability, your medical expenses will be paid and your car repaired or declared a total.In the even they declare it a total, they will give you fair market value for the car. If that's less than what you owe, you will pay any remaining balance unless you have GAP insurance in place.When the bank finds out you dropped full coverage, they may declare your loan in default and demand full payment. Most banks require you to keep full coverage and name them as loss payee.You don't need an attorney as of yet. You might if the bank takes action. Good luck.



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