Main things when buying a car on craigslist?

Main things when buying a car on craigslist?

I am Looking for a Small Reliable Gas Saving car that is really cheap and at a price range between 1,000 and 3,000. Everything else my mom is pitching in for. When i find a car, what are the big major things i should have when i buy the car, either from a private party or used car dealer. Insurance, pink slip, dmv papers (names of papers), how to make sure its a clean title, transmission, anything? Thank you.


1. Is the car local where you can go see it, inspect it, and drive it? If not, don't do it. Any promises to ship you the car for free and "protect" your money with PayPal or eBay is a common SCAM. Read the warnings on Craigslist.2. If you decide you like the car, get a mechanic to check it over BEFORE you buy it because if it has hidden problems, you can't take it back later. This is the ONLY way you'll know if the car is OK. You can't take the word of the seller that the car "runs fine."3. Does the seller have the title to the car? Is his name the name on the title? Is the title "clean" -- no leins and not a salvage title? Does the VIN number on the title match the VIN on the car? Do not take any promises from the seller to "send the title later."4. When you buy, hand the seller the money, and he hands you the signed over title (Pink slip) and the keys. It's a good idea to write up a Bill of Sale as well. Take the signed over title to your local DMV and get a new title, registration, and tags in your name. And call your insurance company to put the car on you auto insurance.5. Enjoy your new car.Oh, BTW, not to be a downer, but you are not going to much of a car for $1000-$3000. You're going to have to look long and hard to find something decent for that price. You run the risk of having to spend much more than that just to keep it running. Good luck.


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