Medical Uninsured Motorist Coverage not enough - what to do?

Medical Uninsured Motorist Coverage not enough - what to do?

I was hit in April by an uninsured motorist- he totalled both our cars. I have since seen 8 doctors to diagnose several issues caused by the accident. I'-ve undergone xrays, physical therapy, ultrasounds, blood tests and an MRI, and am now on medication and more phys therapy.I had $5k in uninsured motorist medical coverage, which my ridiculous claim adjuster told me last week ran out over a month ago - I'-m now getting bills I can'-t afford, and I'-m not yet well. A friend said I can demand more $ from my insurance company? But he also said Colorado requires insurance companies to cover all med bills, and I'-ve found no such statement on the CO govt sites.My regular health insurance won'-t cover these bills - what do I do?


you put 5k in UM coverage on your policy and then expect them to just magically give you more then you paid for? Thats ridiculous.YOU choose your coverages here- you have to live with them. How is that the insurance companies fault? How on earth would a lawyer help?


Hire an attorney!


You NEED an attorney to represent you, a good one, and he/she needs to do the communicating for you. Get one that specializes in auto accidents. NEVER go it alone when fighting any auto accident case, injuries or otherwise.Claims adjusters goals are to get you to sign off on the case as quickly as possible. DON'T! It's all mind games towards you without proper legal representation. You should NOT be talking in any way with your insurance company adjuster or to the person that hit you insurance people either. That's for your attorney to do. Where injuries are involved ALWAYS have legal counsel, period.Your health insurance MUST pay your bills once your auto policy medical limits are exhausted.Eventually you should be able to get judgment ruled against this person that hit you with all the proper documentation and the will to fight to the end.Who is feeding you the information you are getting? Sounds like pure BS to me. Your auto insuance company IS responsible to take care of YOU till your policy limits are exhausted, same with your health insurance. ONLY THEN, can they deny payment of services rendered to you.GET THE FACTS YOURSELF....Quit talking to friends and neighbors. When did they become licensed personal injury attorneys?Source(s):Been through several accident isn't easy.DON'T learn the hard way......



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