Motorcycle and car driver's license in NM?

Motorcycle and car driver's license in NM?

Okay, me and my wie are 18 years of age and are planning on getting our licenses. She'-s born and raised in New Mexico and wants her license. I am here on a visitors visa but I will be interviewed for a greencard shortly. Will we both have to take a driving test or just the law and sign test alone? I was wondering about this because we'-re both 18 years old. We live in New Mexico.


If you have never had a license, you will havta drive.the tricky part is you will need to take a CAR down for her (you have to furnish your own test vehicle) and a bike for you.AND they will both haveta be properly registered, all lights and blinkers working and you will have to have them DRIVEN TO DMV BY PROPERLY INSURED AND LICENSED DRIVER.if you have improper insurance, or no registration be prepared for $ 300 of tickets.A licensed insured AUTO driver will need to drive the car down for you.A MOTORCYLCE licensed buddy will have to drive your bike down or trailer itCar Test is simple.for your bike test it is crazythe Test Officer will follow you in the CAR YOU BROUGHT, driven by your LICENSED driver and your LICNESED MOTORCYLCE buddy can ride in back of will have to watch your mirrors to see which way they are signalling a turn, or your state may use the horn honk method.DON"T forget to put your footdown for stop signs. Seriously you can balance for 10 minutes and you will fail the test.TURN OFF THE RADIO IN YOUR CAR. WASH YOUR CAR. NO SMOKING. NO FRIENDS, NO KIDS, don't forget they can see out of the office windows, no jacking around.they are looking for reasons to fail you.During the bike test, don't wear your pimpest stuff, the DMV will not be impressed by your colors.REAL BOOTS if you have them, closed toe shoes, a real helmet. PLAIN jacket (if you need jacket) NO WIFE BEATER TEE SHIRTS.Dress like a nerd.If you show up down there on a ratt bike, your best homie in colors and a doo rag, your on your way to doom my friend.Go down there like you are 50 years old and you will have no problems.What Would YOur Grandpa DO ????



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