My birthday is coming up and i need help making up a scavenger hunt list.?

My birthday is coming up and i need help making up a scavenger hunt list.?

ok so im turning 15 and we did this with church and it was tons of fun. an example of what to put on there is like everyone on top of a building and u take a picture as proof. if anyone knows any websties with a list or have one please answer. btw i looked all over google. so yeah.


Hope this gives you a bunch of ideas - I love scavenger hunts!a paper clip 10 pointsa picture of two members of your group in front of a McDonald's50 pointsa geranium 10 pointsa rollscanhardly150 pointsa 1971 census pencil 75 pointsa Supertest logo50 pointsa beanie 50 pointsa Winter Carnival Pin50 pointsan American $2.00 bill 50 pointsan Expo 86 Passport30 pointsa B.A. Roadmap 75 pointsa pair of clackers20 pointsa plastic plant 10 pointsa toupee40 pointsa team member's grandfather 150 pointsa bow tie, and be able to tie it20 pointsa ping pong paddle 10 pointsa bushel basket10 pointsa yellow golf tee 10 pointsa brown paper lunchbag10 pointsan only you can stop drinking and driving sticker 10 pointsa computer diagram of a heart20 pointsa red white and blue ball 10 pointsa copy of Mad Magazine10 pointsa plastic orange garbage bag 10 pointsa tent and it must be pitched75 pointsa green umbrella 30 pointsa Toronto road map10 pointsa field hockey shirt 10 pointsa Kermit the Frog10 pointssilly putty 50 pointsplay dough20 pointsone Lego piece 10 pointsa wet nap10 pointsa Gobot 10 pointsMr. Smith's autograph10 pointsa hula hoop 20 pointsa yo-yo10 pointsa wartime rations card 150 pointsa gift certificate10 pointsa Zellers shopping bag 10 pointsa team member's brother or sister75 pointsa picture of four team members with the principal of your school 75 pointsa cowboy hat10 pointsa piece of artificial turf 20 pointsa staple10 pointsa microfilm 50 pointsa dill pickle10 pointsa picture of three members of your team with Bill 100 pointsan empty bottle of Chanel #550 pointsa lazy susan 30 pointsa Snoopy electric toothbrush75 pointsnose hair clippers 30 pointsa Ken doll20 pointsan ant trap 10 pointsa rain poncho20 pointsfish net nylons 20 pointswhite go-go boots75 pointsa picture of Michael Landon 10 pointsa hacky sack10 pointsa piece of coal 20 pointshedge clippers10 pointsan alarm clock 10 pointsa picture frame10 pointsa piece of gum found stuck to the road 30 pointsa picture of the Osmond Brothers when Donny was 12 yrs old100 pointsa first class mail sticker 20 points10 empty pixi sticks50 pointsa tape recording of THE CHAMP 100 pointssomething that says ``Made in Canada'' on it20 pointsa program from the Shaw Festival 50 pointsa belt buckle with a truck on it50 pointsa cricket mallet and ball 40 pointsa plane ticket30 pointsa sewing ball used to darn socks 30 pointsa Golden Bear golf ball40 pointsa list of the Blue Jay's first starting lineup 75 pointsa calendar from an Insurance company20 pointsa yellow pastel 20 pointsa Thunder Cats drinking glass50 pointsa donut from Tim Horton's 10 pointsa student handbook10 pointsa 1968 yearbook 75 pointsa pair of Coke glasses20 pointsa bus transfer 100 pointsa ticket stub from a Meatloaf or ELO concert150 pointsa picture of Robert Zimmerman 40 pointsa tie dyed shirt30 pointsa grocery bill over $90.00 10 pointsa recipe for gazpacho30 pointsa footlong shoe horn 40 pointswindshield wiper glasses30 pointsa plastic knife fork and spoon 10 pointsan empty KFC bucket40 pointsa bathing cap 10 pointsan athletic support20 pointsa schleterkadavski 250 pointssomething from the prom20 pointsa used Bounce dryer sheet 10 pointsan empty toilet paper roll10 pointsa flexible straw 10 pointsa ring from a bubble gum machine20 pointsa Daniel Steele novel 10 pointsGumby or Pokey75 pointsa WWF wrestling ring 50 pointsan eight ball20 pointsa pair of galoshes 10 pointsa popple20 pointsa suncatcher 20 pointsa tube of Preparation H20 pointsHeadline from the Toronto Star, November 22, 1963 50 pointsa yogi rope30 pointsa paper airplane 20 pointsan Ouija board75 pointsan origami example 30 pointsthe candlestick from the board game CLUE40 pointsa canoe 150 pointsa Canada's Wonderland Day pass20 pointsa Blue Jays souvenir 10 pointsa red devil30 pointsa Farah Fawcett poster 50 pointsa Bobby Sherman album100 pointsa t-shirt from Newfoundland 75 pointsa black brush10 pointsa picture of a team member eating Christmas dinner 40 pointsa stethoscope40 points$1,000,000 10 pointsa goofy cap40 pointsa toilet seat 50 pointsa driveable dump truck250 pointsa bible 10 pointsa raw rawhide bone10 pointsa baby's bonnet 20 pointsa garlic press20 pointsan egg separater 20 pointsa fluorescent vest40 pointsa flag flying 100 pointsa unicycle40 pointssnowshoes 20 pointsa Mr. Turtle Pool75 pointsa car air freshener 10 pointsa garter belt20 pointsa plastic pail and shovel 20 pointsa sea shell10 pointsa box of Kraft Dinner 10 pointsa reporter from the local paper150 pointsa TV personality 150 pointsa picture of someone with a handlebar mustache20 pointsa monocle 30 pointsa Twister game set up and ready to play75 pointsan original spiral Coke-Cola bottle 50 pointsa sparkler10 pointsa whoopee cushion 20 pointsa red sled50 pointsa skateboard 10 pointsa Flintstone vitamin30 pointstoe socks 20 pointsa bathmat10 pointsa peanut in the shell 10 pointsa can of sardines10 pointsa pogo ball 20 pointscuff links10 pointsMurmel Murmel 50 pointsa tandem bike75 pointsa wind surfer with the mast up 100 pointsa pair of thongs10 pointsa footsie 75 pointsa funnel10 pointsa bird's nest 20 pointsa hamster or guinea pig30 pointsa kiwi 10 pointsa tambourine10 pointsa hard boiled egg 10 pointsa lawn chair10 pointsan inflatible duck ringbuoy 40 pointsWho's Next30 pointsa venus fly trap 100 pointsa ball and jacks20 pointspiece of licorice root 20 pointsfour leaf clover20 pointsan original finger painting 20 pointsa souvenir from a Royal Wedding30 pointsa Q Tip 10 pointsa hotel guest soap10 pointsa fish neck tie 30 pointsa sou'wester50 pointsa green alley 20 pointsa 1984 nickle40 pointsa hydro bill 10 pointsa squirt gun10 pointsa group member's baby tooth 30 pointsa Perry Como Christmas album30 pointsan ice pack from a cooler 10 pointsa record or tape that teaches another language50 pointsa picture of four team members in a swimming pool 75 pointsa picture of all team members wearing spirit wear75 pointsa plastic baseball bat 10 pointsa piece of blue construction paper10 pointsa banner with your team name on it 50 pointsa coffee can10 pointsan exam timetable 20 pointsa glue gun20 pointsa Canadian flag 20 pointsa roll of masking tape10 pointsa yellow submarine 30 pointsa green beret30 pointsa bowling trophy 20 pointsa maple leaf10 pointsa cracker jack prize 20 pointsa wheel barrow50 pointsa pick up truck 150 pointsa kite that is flying30 pointsa pony 30 pointsa tie clip20 pointsa pennant from another province 30 pointsa pine cone10 pointsa red elastic 20 pointsa boomerang30 pointsa piece of Hot Wheels track 20 pointsmatches from a wedding10 pointsa wooden spoon 10 pointsan Italian-English dictionary20 pointsa power puck 30 pointsa picture of Elvis20 pointsa sponge 10 pointsa door stop20 pointsa brown car mat 10 pointsa yearbook from another school20 pointsa pair of book ends 10 pointsa lamp shade10 pointsa nerf basket ball 20 pointsan eyelash curler30 pointsan electric egg beater 10 pointsa Christmas tree light bulb10 pointsa pink Panther 10 pointsan invitation from any other high school's formal20 pointsan animal slipper 30 pointsa photo of 1 group member beside a retired teacher from your school75 pointsan AC\DC t-shirt 10 pointsa 1982 tax return50 pointsa t-shirt with Daytona Beach on it 10 pointsa balding man wearing brown shoes (no staff)150 pointswhole body long underwear 20 pointsa picture of a boy fishing20 points30,000 lbs. of Bananas 75 points10,000 Maniacs50 pointsa street map of London ONT 50 pointsa NKOTB poster10 pointspicture of 2 group members at midnight (shown on a public clock) 75 pointsa picture of 4 members in front of a bakery50 pointsa parachute 150 pointsa ticket stub from Hamlet50 points--------------------------------------…Source(s):…



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