My brother just started selling insurance with liberty mutual. What are good ways to get customers?

My brother just started selling insurance with liberty mutual. What are good ways to get customers?

My brother just started selling insurance with liberty mutual. What are good ways to get customers. He'-s Selling life Insurance,Auto, Property and casualty. We are in NJ


easiest way? just knock on doors. get everything, motor renewals, home renewals, quote everything. ring business and give them liability quotes. its all about activitySource(s):I am a insurance salesman in the UK


He should consider buying Internet leads. They are especially good because they are generated by consumers seeking solutions only minutes before the lead is emailed.Internet leads are pre-qualified in the sense that proactive consumers have performed a search, looking for a solution to a problem. They have then taken the time to fill out a form, requesting a call. A good lead provider “scrubs” the lead to make sure the data is valid before it is offered for sale. All of this is done in seconds after the consumer fills out the form. If your brother subscribes to the service, he will receive the lead less than ten minutes after the consumer submits the form, so he or she is still in a buying frame of mind. If he pays a little more, he can have it exclusively for a period of time—exclusive from the company that sold it to you. (If the consumer filled out more than one form, then they can be contacted by someone else.)He might want to check out these guys: Not only do they have real-time internet leads, but they also have a replacement policy for leads with bad data—bad phone numbers or someone who has already signed with a competitor. They also enhance their insurance leads with data from First American Financial, so your brother will have a better handle on how serious and qualified the lead is.Source(s):…


Pound the pavement, and knock on doors.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


walk door to door, direct mailing(can buy lists from lead companies). hand out business cards... word of mouth...can buy pre set leads


'Walk and Talk'Perhaps he needs to get with a company that has a better lead program, so he doesn't have to work so hard.I actually buy my leads, their fantastic and I always get 1000% return or more.Source(s):Insurance broker.



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