My car insurance lapsed what do i do next?

My car insurance lapsed what do i do next?

My auto insurance policy lapsed on midnight. I tried to pay the bill online this morning but it told me my policy had been canceled. What do I have to do to reinstate my policy. I have Allstate.


You can't usually reinstate your own policy without help. IF Allstate is willing to reinstate it, you'll have to go sign a "no loss" letter.Or maybe you'll have to fill out a new application. And maybe they won't take you back, if you're in the habit of paying late.You're going to have to call your agent and ask.


Call your agent and ask them if you can reinstate. They will tell you that you have to pay any unpaid balance. They may also ask for the next month's payment. They will have you sign a "Statement of no-loss". This means that you have not had anything happen that will result in a claim during the time you were not covered. Once they recieve both things from you they can reinstate the policy with no lapse. Don't wait too long or this will not even be an option.If they have to re-write you a new policy, chances are the price will increase so do what you can to get the current one reinstated.


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Pick up the phone and call them. If you're lucky, it'll be answered by a human being who might be able to tell you what to do next. I'm sure they'll be happy to take your money off you.


its over you have to re-apply/the new rate will be much larger/search auto insurance in your zip code/work the phones to get quotes on coverage and costs/stay off these unsecure websites/i d theft is rampant


Contact your agent. You may have to get a new policy.



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