My car was impounded without my consent. what should I do?

My car was impounded without my consent. what should I do?

Hello, I am currently twenty two years old and purchased my first car, a silver 2001 Hyundai Elantra last year around Aug of 2008 from a private owner. I first saw this car sitting in a gas station parking lot right off of banister road with a for sale sign placed in the window. I asked questions about the vehicle and eventually went on to purchasing it. I registered the car, paid for insurance threw AAA, and American Family. I have license plates in which I recently updated not to long ago.On the 7th of January, I had a car accident, which resulted in a total loss of my car. Gratefully I was not at fault, and the other driver had insurance. The Car is no longer drive able, and was towed to Richards Auto Salon in Grandview Missouri Threw lazer Tow Company. A day after the accident, both my and the other drivers insurance companies where notified of the accident with the police report and all other necessary information. The other drivers insurance company had set up a rental car for me to use in the mean time.A couple weeks pass, and on the 25th of January I receive a call from the other drivers insurance company stating that my car is no longer at Richards auto salon, and had been towed away by Grandview police. I proceeded in calling Richards Auto Salon and learned that Grandview Police had ran the VIN number on my car around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning, and towed it away for reasons unknown. I have a clean record, and did not understand what was going on. Calling the Grandview police dept, the only thing they could tell me is that Kansas City police dept had a stop order issued out for it. They could not inform me why either.Now I'-ve been going between Grandview police dept and Kansas City police dept, trying to get answers for a day and a half before I finally learned that The stop order was issued sometime in 2007, much before I even purchased the car. Something had happened with this car much before I owned it, but in order for me to have it released for the insurance company to pick up I have to pay for the towing fee and for the days it stayed there overnight. I spoke with the Kansas city police dept further and showed them the title for the vehicle, proving that it was registered and in my name as of August of 2008, and that I had nothing to do with what happened with the vehicle before then. The only response they gave me was to count my losses and pay the fees at the tow lot.My Issue is why must I pay for something I had no knowledge of? My car was towed away without my, or the owner of Richards Auto’s consent. My car was not sitting on the street, it was sitting on private property when the police came and ran the VIN number at 3 AM Sunday morning. I don’t know what I am to do about the car because I do not have the money to pay to have it released. I do not know what to do about this situation and why they cannot release the car without me having to pay. This is really an injustice to me, also very inconvenient.


find the people who did it and impound their face


PD does not need permission to tow a vehicle at anytime sorry but the only recourse you have is to take it to court w/ aid of a lawyer and even then it is not guaranteed the towing and storage fees will be droppedSource(s):I have been there


first off the police did not sneak in and run your vin number it is in the police report second the police received a stop order warrant for the vehicle and proceeded with their official duty third you should be glad you were not arrested for receiving stolen property now what you need to do is find a lawyer and sue the person who sold you the car and also see if you can have them arrested for fraud


You have your facts straight. How much do you have to pay to get your car back? Can your insurance company help somehow? Pay it off the tow charge, get it back,and settle with the insurance company cause it's totaled then take the guilty party to small claims court and get your money back!Source(s):Personal story related to this


You need to talk with a lawyer. But do it Fast because the fees will continue to mount



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