My husband and I are moving to Ohio?

My husband and I are moving to Ohio?

have lived in florida all my life and will be moving to Akron,Canton,Ohio area. I have been there once on vacation and it seems like a nice place.I hate the heat in fl so I am happy to be moving so I can see the leaves change and see snow. My husband grew up there and we both want to move there. When we went on vacation there it was in august. I just want another persons perspective of this region of Ohio. Thank You!And yes my husband has secured a wonderful job working at a nuclear plant.


"My husband and I are moving to Ohio?"Boy hun, that question is just the best!I don't know how to answer it, "My husband and I are moving to Ohio?"Oh Okay??? I don't know are you moving to Ohio?Oh booyyyyyyyyy!


My husband grew up in that area too! I like Northern Ohio, generally... Akron is a little ghetto/shady, but all of the surounding areas seem really charming and small-town-esque. Hope you like it there!


There are many places around this area that are great.If your really set on moving to either one of these areas, I suggest you stay away from the inner city.They both have high crime rates.Since your husband is going to working at the nuclear plant I suggest you look for a place closer to live.I think Thompson,Ohio is a nice place and they have a decent school system.Ohio is a nice state to live in for the season changes.We have variety as far as the weather goes.Like yesterday it was 70 degrees here.Normally its in the low 50's.But our winter's can be pretty rough,especially if your not used to it.And it gets cold.There are many things that are positive in this area(Cleveland-Akron).There are many museums,cultural events,sports teams,music,beautiful parks and recreations,etc...And in my opinion the people are friendly.Have a good move and enjoy your new home :))


If you're talking about your husband having a job at a nuclear power plant, the two closest plants are at Perry to the north and Beaver Valley to the east in Pennsylvania. Neither are a very short commute from Akron/Canton.If you want to experience snow and avoid heat, you'll be happier in the Perry area. The reason is that the weather there is greatly influenced by Lake Erie. In the summer, the lake is a giant air-conditioner that cools the area. In the fall, the lake gives off heat, extending summer into a beautiful fall. In the winter, until the lake freezes, northwesterly winds suck moisture from the warm lake and dump it on northeast Ohio's snowbelt, which includes Perry.All of northeast Ohio has wonderful parks, including the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which sits between Cleveland and Akron and is the nation's largest urban forest. Every county has wonderful "metro" parks to supplement active recreation areas provided by communities. And you'll be within short drives of exciting state parks.For example, you'll want to buy a sled and head to the lighted sledding hill at Punderson State Park! I thought of the following story when I read your question, given the Florida connection:……You probably didn't know that there is downhill skiing near Akron. Northeast Ohio has many places to enjoy cross country skiing, a favorite winter sport.One place to visit each season of the year is the Holden Arboretum, one of the nation's largest, easily accessible from Akron, and relatively close to Perry.…You also might want to read through the archives at this website:…One other aspect of life in northeast Ohio is that Cleveland is one of the nation's cultural centers, and it is supplemented by activities and institutions in places such as Akron and Toledo, each of which have excellent art museums. Cleveland also has become a "foodie" center.One aspect of life in northeast Ohio is that you are a day's drive, or much less, from places such as New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Detroit and Chicago. Hopefully, you'll learn that in its own way, Michigan is one of the nation's most beautiful states. And then there is Lake Erie, and Cedar Point, which is fondly embedded in the memories of most "Western Reserve" residents!, yes we are football crazed, and for good reason, especially in the Canton area. It's a great sport to play year-round in northeast Ohio, equally enjoyable in mud and snow! you know that you'll be a short drive from Amish country? you ever walked a corn maze or visited a sugar bush?… big difference between Florida and Ohio is that Ohio has a state income tax. This helps pays for schools, which are very good or excellent in many communities, very good libraries and the parks. Unlike in many places in Florida, it's not difficult to obtain house insurance.Generally, the people are very nice and laid back. E.g., rarely do you hear an auto horn, and if you use a horn to goad people, they'll probably slow down or otherwise make the moment unpleasant for the unnecessary beeper! Commutes generally are easy.Although finances are very difficult in Ohio, Florida just today was listed as one of the nation's most fiscally troubled states:…As the ramifications of global warming take hold, a mass exodus from Florida could begin within a decade or two.So your move to Ohio may be good timing.Read through the Cleveland resolved questions for much more!BOL on an enjoyable relocation to Ohio!Source(s):…………


haha im telling you right now youll get sick of the snow


I honestly would look at where that nuclear plant is (I'm in Ohio, but not by the plant) and look at travel times from it and what you are willing to do. A lot of people drive distances to work and sacrifice a lot of family time. And believe me, driving our highways in the winter in the snow is NOT my idea of fun.


is mr burns his boss? you will have heat and cold. enjoy.


I guarantee that your love for snow and cold will quickly dwindle when you have to go around in 12-18 inches of it without counting the drifts.



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