My teen just got his drivers licence I can not afford to put him on my policy, will my insurance find out?

My teen just got his drivers licence I can not afford to put him on my policy, will my insurance find out?

He will NOT drive my auto, he is only 16 and I cannot afford it! What are my option can I sign a waiver(exclusion form) with myinsurance company when they find out or will they find out. Myname is the only one on the declaration, is that mean he'-s not a liabilty to the insurance and they wont raise my rates. Please give me some advice.


In most states, the insurance company must, by law, pay for any damage any member of your household causes, driving your insured car, whether they are listed on your policy or not. That is why they insist on you listing your son on your policy. Your insurance will go up because of your Son whether he drives or not since the insurance must pay. There is no way around not listing him. If you don't list him and they find out (and they will find out) they will cancel you in a heartbeat


If he's 16, maybe he can get a job that pays the insurance and gas? Rates will be high, but it may be worth it for him.


He can't drive without insurance.Odds are 95% that he will have an accident within 2 years - if he's not insured, YOU'RE liable for the full amount of damages PLUS the fine for him driving without insurance..The only way to do this is that he doesn't drive until you CAN afford to put him on your insurance.Make him earn the extra money and pay a year ahead.


Don't let him drive your car if he's not on the policy. Get him a beater car to drive.


in most states, if he gets caught driving ANY vehicle without insurance, he will loose his license and have to pay a huge fine to get it back.the insurance industry and the state div of motor vehicle work pretty closely together, your insurance co probably already knows he is licensed.



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