Has Obama taken us back to a pre 9-11 mentality when it comes to dealing with terrorism?

Has Obama taken us back to a pre 9-11 mentality when it comes to dealing with terrorism?

If so, why would he gamble with our national security like that? Why would he choose to make Americans less safe so he can please his left wing radical base?If not, please provide in detail how Obama has been tough on terrorism. How has he focused a significant amount of time and resources on making us safer? Has he made it the #1 priority of his administration or have other things become more important to him?Anyone who attempts to actually answer any or all of these questions will get 10 points.


If terrorism is our #1 priority, then the terrorists won. Isn't the entire point of terrorism to strike fear into people so they cannot continue on as they otherwise would but rather live in fear. Terrorism is not something our president takes lightly, and I wonder exactly what gamble has been taken against our national security. It seems like terrorists have been getting caught before anything has happened quite a bit lately in the news, someone must be doing something right.


Obama has shown through his actions that he is a terrorist lover.He refused to acknowledge terrorist acts as such (Fort Hood)He is releasing terrorist suspects back to their terrorist supporting country.He is putting terrorist in civilian court, where they have more rights and protection.


No.President Obama came into office at the epicenter of a global economic meltdown. Americans have VERY SHORT memories. He tackled the economy first because that is what we wanted him to do.Further, the majority of Americans do not live in daily fear of terrorism, in spite of the on-going rants of the neo-cows.


Well he is Osama Bin Laden so he's preparing us for another attack


Nope, thanks for the 2 points.


You mean to sanity...?


No... but's it's great to see that you can't think for yourself, because i've seen this same exact "question" verbatim, on Yahoo all morning, ... not coincidentally it originated from Fox News yesterday....How does it feel to be a puppet ?Is it impossible for you to generate a thought or question on your own ?


He wants us to ignore the men behind the curtain and pretend everything is ok. Well it's not ok.


obama and all his thugs in washington could care less about the security of our country. he has appointed the most inept, inexperienced radicals he could find to put in charge of our security and intelligence agencies. it's a disgrace, his only priority is to be popular throughout the world and even that isn't working. obama's gotta go while there's still time to fix this absolute mess he's got us in.


Well there weren't many attacks on us before 9-11 now were there?




No, the Bush administration already did by twisting the War on Terror into a rationale for invading Iraq. Instead of focusing on Al Qaeda's senior leadership, George W. Bush tried to finish his daddy's war.


Politics of fear does not make you tough on terrorism.




if you heard janet's explanations a few days ago about the system working, you quickly realize that the system is focused on preventing another simultaneous multiple plane attack. the interviewer probed a bit deeper and got her to admit that the system failed miserably at preventing what did happen.i was in earshot of a radio talkshow broadcast this morning where the host was going on and on about how air marshalls should be on every flight. such a "solution" is idiotic and wouldn't be very effective. i have to wonder if the host has ever been on a 767, for example.


When you are trying to give them civilian trials and he has to use the word extremist, I'd say he has.


It appears obvious to all that Obama’s Socialist and Marxist policies are geared towards destroying America - and I firmly believe that this is what he wants. Obama does not like America, Americans or the American way of life.Obama is destroying America and his plan is to own the carnage that is left over. Let’s take a look at just what he is doing right now and the carnage that will remain after America has fallen.Fallen Dollar - Obama is doing all he can to destroy the dollar - by printing and printing and spending and spending he is destroying the value of our currency each and every day. He wants a one world currency and he wants to eliminate the capitalistic dollar.Government Owned Auto Industry - The Obama administration has already taken over the Auto industry giving billions of our tax dollars to these companies and trying to dictate what kinds of cars they produce and where they will be produced. Even after these billions they are still going bankrupt - a total waste of taxpayer dollars.Government Owned Mortgage Industry - After idiot Barney Frank said all is well with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac it was leaned that they were billions in debt and the Obama administration, of course, took them over - in a sense owning 80% of all the mortgages in America. A very bleak proposition.Government Owned Insurance Industry - The Obama administration gave billions of our tax dollars to AIG the insurance giant - in exchange for their ability to CONTROL all that AIG and other insurance companies do. Now the government wants to control the pay scale of these companies - opening the door for government control of the pay scales of ALL companies - throwing Capitalism and the Constitution out with the trash.Government Owned and Controlled Banking System - The Obama administration also gave billions of our tax dollars to the banks - where did this money go? They don’t even know - but the government is using this money as a means to CONTROL these banks - telling them how to run their business and how much money they can make - as history has shown - the way for a government to control it’s people is to control the banking system and their money.Climate Control and Energy Control - The Obama administration is so arrogant they want to control mother nature. Obama wants to pass policies that will raise the gas and electricity prices so exorbitantly that the great people of America will be FORCED to use alternate forms of energy - pushing people to the special interest industries who have paid for and bought the Obama presidency.A Destroyed Private Industry - Through all of Obama’s policies that are anti-small business - raising taxes on small business, preventing small business from expanding because of his radical Marxist policies and just making the small business afraid of what the future will hold - these are all preventing America’s engine - which is the small business - from expanding and hiring. Obama is AGAINST Capitalism and therefore AGAINST private industry and America’s engine - the small business - which accounts for upwards of 70% of all jobs in America.Amnesty For Illegal Aliens - When Obama says that Illegal aliens WILL NOT be covered by his ObamaCare - he is NOT lying - because by the time his health care program is put to work - all these “illegals” won’t be “illegal” anymore - he plans on giving them ALL amnesty! - Isn’t that nice? He wants to push all the true, good, hard working Americans out of the way and give all kinds of goodies to these illegal aliens! Then he hopes they will vote for him! Such a plan and a plan to destroy America like no other. Obama should be thrown in jail for treason.Government Owned Health Care System - How about a government run health care system? They can’t even run Medicare, Medicaid, Cash for Clunkers, the AH1N1 Vaccine or any other program they try to initiate. The Obama administration wants to destroy America’s private health care system - the best in the world and this trash politician and pathetic SEIU want to tear it to the ground.This is all a payoff to the unions and is being orchestrated by Obama and the leaders of SEIU - the government wants to funnell billions to fund the already over-promised benefits that the unions have given to their employees - thus bailing out the unions and putting it all on the backs of the American people for generations to come.Lastly, he wants to own and pick up the carnage that will be a beaten and dejected American populous - one that has held on to the Capitalism and the American dream. You know - “clinging to our guns and bibles”. Obama wants to beat down the American people - he wants to beat down the small business owner - he wants to take your money and give it to someone else - he wants to destroy our Constitution and all that it stands for. Obama is so out of touch with the American spirit that he actually thinks he can get away with all of his grandiose plans. But I believe


You can ask that after he reams out the TSA about holes in our security?


well at this point in the world, our safty isnt the most important thing. its not like any of this will matter anyways... besides we r going to die at some point anyway, why waste ur life on issues of the economy wen the world is com'n to an end in 2012, or sink in the water from globel warming, ya know?


No I really don't think he has, why are people acting like total idiots and saying he is a terrorist lover, he is the President of the USA for gods sake, get real!!!If anyone cared to notice anything about him is that he does not take decisions lightly and weighs all options before making any move, like making the decision to send 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan, people were criticizing him for dragging his feet and dithering, when his main concern was the lives he was committing to the conflict, looking at every option rather than making a knee jerk decision should be seen as an intelligent thinking president rather than the previous dumb hick, who didn't know his *** from his elbow and who acted more on instinct, the only trouble is that his instincts were wrong!People need to shut the hell up and let him do his job, terrorism will go on no matter what his actions are because unfortunately the bed is already made, the people on the right constantly attacking his policy are acting like a 17th century witch hunt making all kinds of ridiculous accusations bordering on the insane.As for Dick Cheney, he is just making himself look even more ridiculous than he was when he was in office, so let him keep on talking!!!



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