On average what is my auto insurance going to cost if I go with geico or progressive in los angeles?

On average what is my auto insurance going to cost if I go with geico or progressive in los angeles?

I need to know seriously


thumbs up to smiler for being funny, but nobody can answer this, there are way too many factors.What do you drive? where (exactly) do you live? What's your driving record? what kind of car do you drive? How much coverage do you need?You need to call them for an ACCURATE quote.good luck.


How is anyone supposed to know that ? You'll have to call each for a quote.By the way, neither Geico nor Progressive is the cheapest or best. A.M.Best, the insurance rating organization, rates both as average for price and service.Look in your Yellow Pages for an Independent agent. They are not bound to any one specific company (like the Gieco & Progressive agents) and can search many different companies to find the best coverage at the lowest cost using your particular circumstances.


It depends on your age and coverage you want. If you are a teenager wanting a Mustang or any sort of hippo car expect to pay with minimum coverage around $5.000.00 per year. I have used both Geico and Progressive both good but get a quote with both.


There is no such thing as an "average" insurance rate. The only way to know what the cost will be is to ask an insurance company,. No one here has the slightest idea and asking here is useless.


You will save 15% or more.



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