Online Traffic School Course to get Auto Insurance Discount in Maine?

Online Traffic School Course to get Auto Insurance Discount in Maine?

I am Smith a 60 years old person. If I do online traffic school course will there be any auto insurance discount. Need more information and help on this.


That will depend on your insurance carrier and you would need to ask them.Source(s):923


Hello Smith,In Maine state the following course is offered online, find the details below:>>Maine Risk Awareness Course: This course is approved by the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety. Those who complete this traffic school/defensive driving course will receive a 3-point demerit credit on their driver record and Auto insurance companies are required to give a discount to any individual age 55 or older that completes this course.So, you are eligible to take this course and get the auto insurance discount.Source(s):


you should just get a huge discount for your age . . . try



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