Opinions on the Iphone 4 and Droid Incredible?

Opinions on the Iphone 4 and Droid Incredible?

Okay guys. I know you'-ve probably heard this all before - BUTI send anywhere from 150 - 350 texts a day. -Which one has a better text formatting? Iphone'-s cat bubble system or the Droids - What does the Droid have?I like the be able to search the internet any time (can the Iphone do this?)I like face time, but I don'-t care as much if I can'-t have Wifi all the time on the Iphone.I want to play some games - not too many though.I like them both.What do you guys think?BY THE WAY - Don'-t worry about the cell provider. I have that covered. Just worry about the phone...


Which one has a better text formatting?----------Androids...... use the stock text app... or choose for hundred of other text apps, most are free on the droid market.... like Handset SMS... Change background.. bubble chat like IM formats.. texts.. colors. etc etc etc etc popup notifications if you wanna... etc etc etc etc Android are VERY customizable on any level, just get the app OR program the linux code yourself (if your tech savy)... *coughs* unlikes iphones *coughs*What does the Droid have?----------name it?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? The app market grows by 1000+ every freakin day!I like the be able to search the internet any time (can the Iphone do this?)---------- both androids and iphones will be able to use the internet in standard PC form or Mobile Form, your choiceBasically... I go Android... why? Just because...1) I wanna pay $4.99-$6.99/mo (depending on carrier) for Insurance on my phone bill... I DONT want to pay $13.99/mo and have that payment AUTO-DEBITTED from my credit card without choice! Just more Apple Control!2) I wanna customize my phone! ITS MY FREAKIN PHONE. I should NOT have to be paranoid that if I customize my phone a certain way that it void my warranty with Apple... True Iphones can be customized... by not in the way androids can...3) Androids are Open Source, meaning the ROM is yours to do with what you please.. Google made Android that way!!!!... no need to jailbreak anything!... The app available are WICKED and SICK! So much variation that comes from developers heads, like wow...... unlike Apple... you cant customerize Apple's ROM... your stuck with what your given...4) oh... and Warranty.... android warranty is covered by the carrier... 3+ replacements if needed.... Iphone warranty... only 1... and handled by Apple only... just more Apple controlI can go on and on.... and yes, I hate the evil Apple Empire and Darth Jobs! I still dont understand why ANYONE on this planet would want to buy something from a company and have their phone controlled by a manufacture.....I bought it... its mine... ill do with it what i please... and its should NOT void warranty... Thats the android mentality.....Or go with the Fisher Price Toy..... iphone.... your choiceSource(s):DROID MASTER, Wireless Managerhttp://www.twitter.com/0droid_master0http://www.androidmodz.com


Android ALL THE WAYCustomize the phone how you want-such as live wallpapers, back groundsExpandable memoryremovable batteryMore choices for features and phones and pricesBetter processors out thats better than the iphoneNo bluetooth transfers on the iphone with out being jail brokenFree google navWidgetsyou can "facetime" aka video call over 3g not like the iphone having to be in a wifi spot for it to worknot tied to itunes like a dog to a treeOh and Steve jobs don't tell you what to do with HIS $800 iphone.


Get a Droid... they have a bubble text system like the iPhone+( im using ny Droid 2 to type this :D ) I would recommend the Droid X or Droid Fascinate you can read reviews about all of them on http://www.verizonwireless.com/ then just click on cell phones and devices then hit smartphones


I have an iphone4 and i'm more than satisfied with it. I would definitely recommend it for all purposes



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