Pending Insurance claim while moving to another state?

Pending Insurance claim while moving to another state?

Hi,I am moving to another US state and I have pending claims on my existing auto insurance policy. Even if i take the new policy in another state from same Auto Insurance Provider, how the existing claim will be handled?What i should make sure before moving to another state?Thanks,


I agree with the prior answer. there is nothing that needs to be done. Side note, if you had a bodily injury claim or a total loss you may have to coordinate with a local adjuster at your new residence as they may need to meet with you to settle, investigate or complete repairs on vehicle. just make sure everyone knows your out of state.R.C. Salyer


You moving to another state will have no affect on your pending claims. Just make sure you give the adjustor your new address and phone number so they can get in touch with you.



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