Pontiac parked next to mine at residence & left a red dent in door. What can I do?

Pontiac parked next to mine at residence & left a red dent in door. What can I do?

A cherry-red 1994 Pontiac parked next to mine at residence &- left a red dent from door in my black 2009 car?Note: The order of presented facts is not necessarily linear, but my account of the vehicle damage should be clear. My abbreviated question is, How can I prove that the other driver'-s passenger car door, in fact, did hit my driver side door, leaving behind its own distinctive paint color in the scraped dent? Thank you!Our mutual condo complex'-s parking spaces are not assigned, but as soon as I had found the very noticeable dent with red scrapes in my black driver'-s side metal door, I filmed the damage in great detail to highlight that the driver had parked at least two full feet over a bright-white line into my parking space, leaving no more than two feet of room to squeeze into my car.On video, I tried to match up the clear dent / gash on my vehicle'-s driver'-s side door with his passenger'-s side door, but it was too somewhat difficult to do because his 1994 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe car’s passenger side door clearly had many scrapes and dents -- each surely the produce (or "-chip off the old block"-) of every make, model, size, and color vehicle on the market throughout the past two decades... that car really gets around! I also tried to capture the red-paint scrapes in the gash / dent to my car'-s door, but my car'-s 2009 black lacquered paint job was very glossy and reflective in the bright sunlight that morning.Recently one morning, I decided to check on the wellbeing of my vehicle upon spotting the egregiously poor parking of the Pontiac so proximate to my vehicle in clear violation of not only the deserved integrity of my resident parking space but in violation per se of a local parking / traffic ordinance- posted enforced private parking rules permitted by local ordinance- and codified permissive state parking regulations for local ordinances.When I found the damage that morning before planning to go to work around 7:30 AM, the other driver was nowhere present, and I did not know to whom it belonged. I waited, took a long video, called the condo’s sales and leasing office and reported the incident to staff and finally to the resident manager’s voice mail, and, after more than an hour had passed, I had to stop waiting and leave a note for the driver due to a critical work meeting scheduled for that very morning wrote an accusative letter demanding prompt settlement of the matter and placed the note under the windshield wiper.Incidentally, I have a real-time (“present sense impression”) eyewitness to my discovery of the damage- he is a fellow resident of the condominium complex, and he could testify to the veracity of my statements. Note also that, for the past six months (continuing through today’s date), I have not driven the damaged vehicle anywhere whatsoever, and I have full-proof evidence to show that fact: for the past seven or more months, my vehicle has been equipped with both a Progressive Auto Insurance driver monitoring system (which shows monthly no use of vehicle, and therefore an insurance discount) and recorded Google GPS tracker. Therefore, I can show that I had not driven the car during those months, and therefore had not availed my vehicle of other potential cherry-red vehicles’ door collisions (including the time period since I discovered and notified the driver through to this day).Thanks. Let me know!3 months agoAdditional DetailsAdd this part to my question: Is there a straightforward way to match the paint on my damaged vehicle to the other driver'-s vehicle effectively, inexpensively, or well enough to convince a fact-finder?Thanks!3 months ago


Notify the culprit and ask that he/she pay to repair your car.Are you making a "mountain out of a molehill" ?



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