Progressive or AigDirect Auto Insurance?

Progressive or AigDirect Auto Insurance?

I'-m thinking about switching my auto insurace. Both of these companies gave me a quote that was about the same. Is one better than the other? or are they about the same?


I personally would use Progressive. Their website is excellent & they have good customer service. You can use an agent if you want, sometimes at the same or better premium, you have to get quotes both ways to find out. I have found that AIG is SO HUGE, one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. We had them as a company when we purchased another agency & they were horrible. When we called we could literally be on hold with them for a half an hour or MORE waiting & waiting & sometimes would get hung up on, the customer service people didn't give correct answers or diidn't know the answer so the call was a waste of time. Their website for agents stunk. They couldn't, no matter how many times we asked (at least 4 or 5), get our agency name & address correct (not rocket science), they would get it correct for one policy & the next one would be wrong. What a nightmare. We couldn't WAIT to get rid of them. Also, we have some assigned risk policies with them. One of our clients made a cash payment to our office, we immediately sent out an agency check to them, to the address they requested we send the check, the check was cashed BY THEM and they said they never recieved it. We sent them the copy of the front & back of the check & said that the check was not cashed by the auto insurance department (who knows what dept it went to - EVEN THOUGH THE CHECK WAS CASHED BY AIG!!!) so therefore, we had to send them another check, they did honor the original date at least, but we as an agency had to eat the premium, nice huh?At least our insured had us to back them up & they didn't lose the money, if they sent their check directly to the company, they would have been out the money.All else being equal, I would go to Progressive.Source(s):Insurance agent


I would suggest AIG. i have had a LOT of complaints on Progressive and have local body shops that won't even deal with Progressive at all. BIG red flag!Source(s):agent


Progressive is AWFUL. Body shops around here won't deal with them. I personally know of three people that have dropped them (not including myself!). Their customer service was horrible. They refused to fix my daughters windshield and a bird hit it and they said she had to pay her $500 deductable - (only cost $300 to replace.) When I dropped them they continues to charge me for that last month and now say I never dropped them so it's on my credit report. THEY SUCK!!!!!!! ANYTHING but Progressive I say!


Having used both, Progressive. Mine is a million dollar commercial policy. And there are several entities that need to be kept up to date to keep my business going. Progressive knows who, where, which form, and why, and sends what is needed before they ask for it. AIG didn't.Just one example, the state of Oklahoma has a form they use to show proof of insurance, and you must use their form or your business license is withheld. AIG used their own form.I faxed them a copy of the form the state required, and told them they had to use the state form. They used their own form again.I called them, and told them they had to use the form supplied by the state. They used their own form again.I called them again. They argued with me that THEIR form was better and the state didn't dictate their business practices. Progressive sent the right form and helped me to get a refund for the unused part of my policy from AIG.


ProgressiveExcellent Customer Service



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