Regarding NJ Law. If I suspend Auto Insurance on my car, do I have to surrender the plates to the MVC?

Regarding NJ Law. If I suspend Auto Insurance on my car, do I have to surrender the plates to the MVC?

I have a car that I seldom use now, can I keep the plates on the car with no insurance policy. And if I need to use this car, reactivate my auto policy for those specific days. Is this legal? I know in some states it is and in some not.If I do suspend insurance and I do have to surrender the plates, how long do I have till the MVC penalizes me?


Your registration will be suspended when the insurance co. reports the cessation of coverage on that vehicle to MVC. Also, some towns in NJ have ordinances about parking a car without insurance even if it's in your own driveway.In New Jersey, anything's possible with these idiots.


In NJ all registered vehicles MUST have insurance, so, you need to turn in your plates if you do not want to have insurance on the vehicle. Also, in most cities in NJ, you CANNOT have a vehicle without plates parked so that it is visible from the street. So, it would have to be kept in the garage or behind your house.So, every time you need to use the car, you will have to reregister, then call you insurance to add the car to your policy, then when you are done, you need to turn in the plates, show the surrendered plate receipt to your insurance agent & then delete the car from the insurance again.Source(s):Insurance agent formerly from NJ



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