Should health insurance companies have the right to turn you down?

Should health insurance companies have the right to turn you down?

How can anyone be comfortable with insurance companies having the right to turn you down at a time when they are needed the most. How would you feel if you, your spouse or child were turned down because of a preexisting condition? How do you feel about insurance companies priorities, number one looking for ways to turn you down as appose to looking for ways to helping you.How do you feel that the almighty dollar is their main priority and not you health.


Should AUTO insurance companies have the right to turn you down?If you have no licence because you have six dui's and you've totalled 12 cars, should an auto insurance company be REQUIRED to take you?Should an auto insurance company be required to take you and pay a claim for the accident you had YESTERDAY?What you "need", in these situations, is for someone ELSE to pay for your medical care, because YOU didn't buy coverage before the bad thing happened.It's like the lottery. If you could buy a ticket, Sunday, for Saturday night's million dollar drawing, who in the WORLD would buy a ticket BEFORE the drawing? AND, if EVERYONE who bought a ticket, picked the million dollar numbers, exactly how much do you think that ticket would COST?See, your questions show me a few things:1. You don't know how much insurance companies pay out in claims - it's about $.99 for every $1 in premium.2. You don't realize, that in order to STAY in business, a business cannot sell it's product, for less than it costs them to make it. There's no ROOM to lower costs.3. You don't realize, that the insurance industry is ALREADY the most highly regulated industry in the USA.Name me ONE BUSINESS, where the "almighty dollar" isn't a concern.And, PLEASE explain to me, why your HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY has to be more concerned with your health, than YOU.MAN UP!! Take responsibility for your own life, and your own health!! At the very least, it will keep your premiums lower!! It is MIND BOGGLING to me, how no one here wants to be a grown up in the USA any more, we just all want to be whining teenagers, waiting for Big Brother to GIVE us more stuff! Where the heck do you think big brother GETS it from??


Insurance companies are exactly that.... companies. What do you expect them to do? Ask the government for money? If they weren't looking to make a profit, then there wouldn't be a private insurance option for you in the first place. If they turn you down, just give your money to their competition and sign up with them. Then let God sort them out. I dont see the issue! There are thousands of insurance agencies and thousands of insurance options and plans. If you get turned down, then find another company! Its America!


An insurance company is not a charitable organization. An insurance company must make a profit in order to survive. If an insurance company consistently fails to make a profit it will cease to exist. If the company fails, the shareholders lose and the policyholders lose as well.Would you feel secure if your insurance company lost money year after year? Would you have any concern if your health insurance company notified you that due to underwriting losses they were filing for bankruptcy?Should it be your right to not buy health insurance and then one day, when you are diagnosed with cancer, require that a health insurance company now pay for your medical expenses.You choose not to pay for health insurance when you are healthy but somehow you think it is your "right" to mandate that an insurance company now pay you benefits upon the diagnosis of your illness.Think about it. How is that fair ...Source(s):...



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