SHould i trust AIS insurance broker co.?

SHould i trust AIS insurance broker co.?

I just got an auto insurance quote from AIS and they gave me $250 for 6 months for my 1999 ford. that'-s like $44/month for a 15000/30000 liability insurance and it is through MERCURY insurance co.... should i trust this and go with it?? i currently have GEICO paying $545 for 6 months


I am an insurance broker and personally I feel going through a broker is your best option. Brokers have access to companies that the general public cannot access directly and therefore they can provide you the best pricing. Some Brokerages will charge you a small one time broker fee but for the most part they make their money by getting commision form the insurance company and not from the insured. They will also serve as laisons when there is an accident or a change in coverage. You will never have to deal directly with the insuance company's b/s.AIS is a trustworthy brokerage. It looks like they are doing their job, Mercury ususally does have some of the lowest rates for auto insurance. $44 a month for 15/30 liability only, seems legitimate. I do however agree with the last entry by cowboy (i think that's his name). You may want to get higher liability limits. 15/30 translates this way: 15,000 bodily injury per person per accident, 30,000 total bodily injury per accident and only 5,000 for property damage. 5,000 isn't very much at all. Fixing a bumper alone runs about 2,000. If you live in a state like California where everyone drives a 2006 mercedes or beamer you may want to get higher liability limits. Since you'll be saving so much anyway you may want to go up to 25/50. Ask how much more it will be.


I had them before and had no problems. Mercury is a reputable company.


"Insurance Broker" and "Trust" are not permitted in the same sentence.


An insurance company is only as good as it's claim force.PS -- unless you have $100,000.00 in a shoe box you had better at least TRIPLE your coverages! A 2000 model Ford pickup cost in excess of $15,000.00. You screw-up and total one you will be paying the difference. (ten hours in intensive care unit will cost over $30,000.00).Still seem like a good deal?


In God we trust, everyone else must pay cash.



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