Some questions to drivers of a paid in full vechical?

Some questions to drivers of a paid in full vechical?

1. Do you feel your car was A. a bargain B. the exact right price C. a rip off.2. Full coverage on your insurance or not?3. Will your next car be the same car only newer?4. Is your car easy on gas or is it something that drinks gas?5. Would you let your mother drive your car?


1. Do you feel your car was A. a bargain - yes, checked prices across country, and then went thru Costco Auto Program. Some specific rules to follow, but very fair on price.2. Full coverage on your insurance or not? - Yes with $1000 deductible3. Will your next car be the same car only newer? Hope these last 2 will last until we are done driving.4. Is your car easy on gas or is it something that drinks gas? In the middle.5. Would you let your mother drive your car? Nope, she was scary bad, when she was alive. My dad, (RIP) was an excellent driver, smooth, accurate, and fast.Wife has a 2005 300c, 13 to 21 mpg, comfortably seats 5, huge trunk.Mine is a 2007 Dodge 4x4 3500 Quad Cab 6.7 CTD, 10 to 20 mpg. Used mostly for trailer camping and winter trips. I use a Harley for commuting.


All my cars are paid for. Been doing this for some time, if it isn't the right price I can wait.. My cars are old enough that they have full coverage (500 deductible). The ones that were not worth owning are gone and ones of the same model are out of the question. The ones that were good I now own a back up for. If and when I do replace them if possible it will be the same make and model or another car make and model that I know I can trust. My current cars are a mix of easy on gas and not so easy on gas. As for letting my Mother drive one of them, I would gladly do so, she passed away some time ago and it would be a joy to let her drive on if she could.Cars: Miata and RX7. Trucks F100 and F650.Makes I have owned or driven: Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Triumph, and VW.


1. I feel my Toyota Avalon was the right price.2, I maintain full coverage. You have a good question here. My attitude is the property should be insured if you feel you can not afford the risk of loss. Ask yourself this question. If I owned a $5000 diamond ring should I insure it against loss. Likewise if you own a car worth $5000 should you insure it.3. Yes4. Very easy.5, Absolutely and also my wife.



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