Statute of limitations on claiming stolen vehicle in NJ?

Statute of limitations on claiming stolen vehicle in NJ?

Is there a statute of limitations on claiming a stolen vehicle in New Jersey to auto insurers. The story goes about 6 months ago I had a car parked on a street for several weeks. When I went back to get the car I thought the car was towed and then was soled at auction because thats what they do with unclaimed vehicles that are towed. I called the Parking authority and they told me that the car was never towed or sold and that I should call the police and claim a stolen vehicle. So A. can I file a police report for a stolen vehicle 6 months after the fact it was stolen, and B. does anyone know if there is statute of limitations on claiming stolen vehicle to the insurance company the car had Full Coverage on it at the time.


The only way to find out is to talk to the local police and also your insurance company.



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