Triple A auto insurance wants my cumulative GPA for good student discount?

Triple A auto insurance wants my cumulative GPA for good student discount?

Triple A auto insurance wants my cumulative GPA for good student discount?Now, when I look at my transcript I see Total GPA Course, and Academic GPA.Which GPA do they want? my Total GPA Course is higher than 3.0 but my Academic GPA is lower than 3.0..... They want a cumulative GPA of higher than 3.0.... Am I eligible for the good student discount?thanks


I have looked at a few sites and I would say that your Academic GPA is for the required courses and Total GPA would be for all courses you have taken to date including electives. I believe cumulative is for all courses to date so you may be in luck....Your best bet would be to send them a copy of your transcript and let them determine which one they are looking for...



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