Under-aged DWI charge dropped, still affect insurance?

Under-aged DWI charge dropped, still affect insurance?

I made a stupid mistake during the summer drinking and driving. I was 17 at the time and still 17 for my court date for the conviction was in october 27th. The case was dropped because the police officer sent it to the wrong court and it was "-to late to do anything about it"- so they dropped the charges.Will this stiff affect my auto insurance for the next 5 years?


Nope, feel free to drive as recklessly as you want because those insurance guys won't know ****.




Your insurance can only be increased for "moving violations" for which you are convicted. Since you were not convicted they cannot surcharge your policy. Also fyi in the majority of states surcharges only apply for 3 years not 5 years.However, one piece of unsolicited advice--I realize that you are only 17 but how would you feel if you killed someone driving that 2,000 lb vehicle under the influence. I can assure you that your life would totally change and not for the better. If you are having problems with alcohol, please consider asking for help.Good Luck!Source(s):Certified Insurance Counselor, Licensed Insurance Agent & Broker for over 29 years.



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