Vauxhall Corsa- 1.5 T GLS 5 door 1994/M?

Vauxhall Corsa- 1.5 T GLS 5 door 1994/M?

Would anyone recommend this car for a student who is heading for university? Please give your feedback and review on this car of a rating out of 10.What is the average price for this as a used car?How much are the newer versions- 1.5 TD GLS 1997/1998/1999? Are there any differences in features?Is it true this car features are-- Around 120 miles for ?10 Diesel- Around 60 MPG.- Uncomfortable seats- Noisy car- Cheap insurance and tax- Cheap parts for maintenance- Power Steering.


A Corsa's a decent enough choice for a cheap first car, but I really wouldn't recommend the 1.5 Diesel. It's a very rough, clattery old thing and you'll hate every mile you do in it. My choice would be the little 1.0 3 cylinder petrol unit, which will easily do 50mpg, will be cheaper to insure and since it's much lighter than the Diesel engine will make the car much nicer to drive. As for prices, they vary so much depending on the individual cars, best bet is to check your local Auto Trader.


the later model from about 1997 onwards with the 1700 diesel was better, some had power steering but your economy claims are outrageous, these cars are getting old now and most of them have had their better years, the petrol equivalent would be less headache in the long term.petrol engine repairs and parts are far cheaper than diesels, as is the fuel and the insurance.



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