Want to be an auto insurance agent?

Want to be an auto insurance agent?

I am from WA state and I want to get auto insurance agent license because I want to work on a insurance related school project.I am ready to appear for the exam but WA state requires affiliation or sponsorship from an Insurance Agency. Considering I am not planning to sell auto insurance how can I approach an auto insurance agency and request them to vouch for me so that I can get agent license?


If you don't plan on selling insurance, you don't need a license. Period.I just checked the WA state website. You need an APPOINTMENT in order to sell insurance, WITH your license. Apparently you don't need the appointment to GET the license, but without an appointment, the license by itself isn't going to do you any good.SO. You can take the education courses you need to take, pay your testing fee, take the test, pass it, pay the licensing fee . . . and do exactly WHAT with the license? Nothing, because you can't sell insurance without an appointment, and you can't ADVISE without a broker's license.An AGENCY can't sponsor you. A COMPANY has to sponsor you. HUGE difference. NO ONE is going to sponsor you, unless you're going to work for them.Source(s):agent, 21+ years



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