We are going on Vacation to Cherokee North Carolina in 2 and half weeks?

We are going on Vacation to Cherokee North Carolina in 2 and half weeks?

Can anyone tell me the closet car rental place to Cherokee?Thanks.


There are a couple of locally owned car rental places in Murphy (about 15 mins from Cherokee)From the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce Website:Blue Ridge Auto Rental, Inc.4170 Hwy 64 West PO Box 890:Murphy, NC 28906Local, Out of State, and Insurance Auto Rentals serving the tri-state area. We offer a selection of late model passenger cars, suv's, and minivans. Located at Kia of Blue Ridge in Murphy.Phone 1: 828-835-9200Phone 2: 866-596-9200Fax: 828-835-7103Email: [email protected]…Myco Auto Rental, Inc5501 Hwy 64 WMurphy , NC 28906Need a Rental? We have over 25 vehicles of different makes & models available. We offer several different packages including daily and weekly rentals. We also have two 15 passenger vans for rent. In addition to car rentals, Myco Auto Rental also rents tools and equipment. Call or email us for further information.Phone 1: 828-837-1840Fax: 828-837-1840Email: [email protected] far as a national chain place, there are a couple at the Fletcher Airport (about an hour to an hour & 1/2 south-east of Cherokee): Budget, Hertz, National and Alamo. And there are some at the Asheville Airport (also about an hour east of Cherokee : Budget, Hertz, Alamo, Enterprise and National. Since these are small regional airports, they probably don't have many cars on hand so you should probably reserve a car ahead of time.Best of luck and have fun!


ujm, I believe enterprise has one there. call the casino, they can help you.



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