What alternatives to financial disaster does a family have when they are facing over $450K in medical bills?

What alternatives to financial disaster does a family have when they are facing over $450K in medical bills?

The family has already had considerable bills paid by insurance, large amounts written off by the hospitals, doctors who quit charging. Still they have more than $450,000 in unpaid medical bills from more than a dozen labs, radiology clinics, peripheral doctors, etc. The patient had auto-immune hepatitis, treatment caused bone-marrow to be destroyed, bone marrow transplant, chemo, then got this awful fungus that invaded her sinuses/eyes. More surgeries, near death for almost a year. On the mend, but facing financial ruin.


I wish there were a better way, but bankruptcy and charity drives are meant for people in that situation. Get a bankruptcy lawyer now to protect tha assets you have.


http://www.hospitalbillreview.com/http://www.totalbankruptcy.com/pc/index1…http://www.debtreliefusa.org/alt/welcome…These are the main relief that I saw. Catholic Charities and other religious organizations may help.


just file bankruptcy there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about it. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to pay the bills. Get on with the healing and your life and be thankful to God for the healing. God Bless


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