What are good reasons to get emancipated?

What are good reasons to get emancipated?

My parents have abused me, like 3-4 years ago, but it'-s pretty much okay now. I haven'-t let what happened go, and I want to move out. They are control freaks, and I hate living here. I am so depressed and at times slightly suicidal because they don'-t let me do anything, except family stuff, and I don'-t fit in with them.I know that is is fairly easy to get emancipated if you are being abused, but I'-m not anymore, physically. Although my mom does verbally degrade me, my friends, and my opinions.I'-m not pregnant or getting married.What are some other good reasons? I live in NC.Is it necessary that you own a car? I would have transportation, but not my own vehicle. I have a job, will graduate from high school, im 16 now.


Abuse is not a reason to be emancipated its a reason to contact CPS. Emancipation is about "self" support. This means "you" no one else paysrentgroceriesutilitiesgashealth careauto insurancephoneCellInternetcableetc etcThats even if your state has a statute some dont.Source(s):www.expertlaw.com


honey im sorry things are bad for you. call the local court house or talk to a consler at school they can get info for u, or maybe a free attorny.. i hope things get better



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