What are my rights on an auto insurance claim? please help?

What are my rights on an auto insurance claim? please help?

Where I live (USVI) to own a vehicle you must transfer the title in front of a notary, get the vehicle inspected, then registered at DMV, then insured. I purchased a vehicle and transferred the title at end of business hours. Before the next day, an insured drunk driver totals out the parked vehicle and takes total responsibility. The insurance company tells me that the claim will have to be processed in the original owners name since it was never registered. After a ridiculous claims process with countless fees and costs, the check is written in the original owners name who agrees in writing to sign it over to me. Now the insurance company says that I have to take the canceled title back to the DMV, get it in my name, then immediately cancel it on the spot. All of this will make the check less than what I have invested now. What all extra does the insurance company owe me (loss of use, rental, etc) since their error has delayed the process over 3 weeeks?


The insurer owes you NOTHING extra. They are required by law to issue the check in the OWNERS name (which, unfortunately, wasn't you at the time of the loss). Where the heck do you live, anyway? I've never heard of such a convoluted process of title transfer in my life!Source(s):Claims guy



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