What are some good car insurance providers in massachusetts.?

What are some good car insurance providers in massachusetts.?

A lot of insurance companies such as (gieco, nationwide) don'-t cover massachusetts. What are some of names of the providers with coverage in MA?


Commerce. Hanover. Liberty Mutual. Amica.There's only a handful - I can't remember any others. But you might as well go through an AGENT, and let THEM find your coverage for you.Rates are set by the state, so with the exception of getting a "group discount" like if you're a member of a credit union, the same coverages are going to get you the same rates.Source(s):agent, 21+ years, some of them were in MA


Hartford for one. Farmers should have offices there too.


I have Commerce, it's not too bad. My husband has Plymouth Rock. Like someone else said, talk to an agent. Because of Massachusetts Auto Reform, more companies will be able to come to Mass so you'll be able to shop around more for better rates. I believe that starts April 1, 2008.


I have Travelers and they're not too bad.


State Farm is there!



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