What are some high risk auto insurance companies in Ontario?

What are some high risk auto insurance companies in Ontario?

I'-m applying for auto insurance on my own for the first time, I know I need high risk because I'-ve had two minor accidents in the last few years. I'-m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for high risk insurers with decent or good rates?Info: 22 Year old male, 96 Hyundai Elantra 4DR.Thanks!


None of the insurance companies that accept high risk drivers sell directly to the public, therefore contacting them will get you no where. You must purchase the insurance from a broker that represents them. Keep in mind the insurers that do insure high risk drivers will only accept certain types of high risk drivers. If you have more convictions than they are willing to accept, and the rules aren't the same amongst the different insurers, then your only choice is the Facility Association, which the insurer of last resort in Ontario. Almost every broker in Ontario works with the Facility Association, so whichever broker you call should be able to quote you Facility if nothing else. The links below are to all of the insurers for high risk drivers in Ontario that I can think of. You can locate a broker closest to you from the links below and call them for a quote, however just keep in mind depending on your circumstances you may not qualify for any of these companies, but it's a good start.Source(s):http://www.jevco.ca/JEVCOWeb/findabroker…http://www.economicalinsurance.com/en/fi… (Perth Insurance Company is the high risk insurer. They are part of the Economical Insurance Group)http://www.coachmaninsurance.ca/contact.…http://www.pafco.ca/For+Consumers/Find+m…



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