What are some laws that are Different in Texas than California?

What are some laws that are Different in Texas than California?

I will be moving to texas and i have heard some weird/strange laws that Texas has and want to know as much as i can before i go. From what i heard so far is that: when a police car/motorcycle is pulled over on the side of the road ticketing or talking to the driver you are not supposed to pass them? Also that when you get auto insurance they base off of your credit? Seems so different from California are these true and if so what other laws do they have?


Both are community property states (husband and wife split all income 50/50). No income tax in Texas (yay)! Yes, they base your auto insurance partly off your credit, but I thought that was nationwide. You are supposed to change lanes (to the left) when possible to avoid emergency vehicles pulled over on the right, but again, many states have that as a law, just as many are beginning to enforce the "left lane ONLY for passing" law. Your question is really too vague to answer without more specifics. There are a lot of laws in CA and TX, and I'm sure many of them are quite different.Source(s):Former TX resident (and I miss it)


you are supposed to slow down but you can pass themthe insurance credit thing is a nation widemost insurance companies are based in other statesso each one if differentif you don't carry your insurance card in you car you can have it towed if you get pulled over.go to the link it should help you outSource(s):http://www.findlaw.com/11stategov/tx/law…



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