What are some things you are doing differently now that the economy is doing really bad?

What are some things you are doing differently now that the economy is doing really bad?

I need some ideas on how to make my money stretch. The price hike on necessary expenses is forcing me to cut into my savings. I'-m already cutting down on the use of my car and I'-m coupon clipping for groceries. What else can you think of that will help me save more?


Actually, I've been living beneath my means for a couple of years now, and saving the difference. Higher costs mean I'm not saving as much, but little else has changed.But that doesn't really help you. So here's a suggestion that will. Go through each bill that comes in and ask yourself these questions. Do I really need this? Do I need it at this level? Can I get this cheaper somewhere else?I did this a couple of years ago and shaved $150 off of my monthly expenses.I shopped my auto insurance around and shaved $500 off my annual bill for identical coverage. If you are a Costco member, go to their site and get a quote. Phenomenal savings!I ditched my monthly cell phone plan for a prepaid one. If you use less than 200 minutes a month, you can get it much cheaper by prepaying. I pay 10 cents a minute with T-Mobile, vs $40 per month like most people. For me that's $10 a month in usage.Get rid of the frills on your home phone. Call waiting and caller ID cost a fortune. So you miss a call every now and then and the caller gets a busy signal. Oh well. And while your doing that, shop for a better long distance plan. I get long distance for 3.9 cents a minute with no monthly minimums or fees. Far better then the my monopoly phone company gives me. A basic phone line and 3rd party long distance is far cheaper then these all you can eat plans from Vonage or cable or the monopoly phone company. My monthly phone bill is now usually under $20.And speaking of cable, or satellite. Do you really need to pay for all those channels, most of which you don't watch? Reduce the plan, or switch to their "special" for a while, and then do it again in 3 or 6 months.If you have cable internet, look at DSL. Mine was less then half the cost so I made the switch.Do you bank with a monster megabank? Ditch them in favor of a credit union. Credit unions provide far cheaper banking services and really shine on auto loans, and they don't Fee you to death. If you are still making payments on a car, maybe you can refinance that loan with them and save there too.You get the idea. Also, if you can spare the time, start listening to the Clark Howard radio show. He's a syndicated radio consumer advocate, and he's available as a podcast on iTunes. He's really full of good ideas on saving money, spending wisely.Good luck.


dollar store,for soaps and toiletries,bake your own bread tastes better too. buy meat and cheese in bulk cook for several meals at once freeze the rest for other meals, if you have a cell phone then drop your land line and go dry loop DSL, close of vents to rooms you don't hang out in, carpool with Friends if going out past your own town, check out the day old stuff at groc. stores if you eat it with in a few days it's fine or freeze it for latter.use your toaster oven instead of the big oven, or use outdoor grill. buy fresh produce from local farms we get eggs and berries for 1/2 what the store sells. buy generic.Source(s):savy mom of 3



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