What are some things you should check on your vehicle before going on a road trip?

What are some things you should check on your vehicle before going on a road trip?

Specifics please. Tires, oil, etc?


I would check your tire tread, tire pressure oil, tranny fluid, take a first aid kit, a spare and a basic tool kit, wrenches, lug wrench, jack etc. I wouldnt go over board and make sure every nut and bolt is tightened but u no make sure it is safe for a trip.Source(s):Ive been on several road trips with cars that are well..........junk.


1. Here is what I do before getting in my car for ordinary driving, like to get groceries, go to work, go home etc. or at least once a day.2. Then there is what I do before a short out of town trip, where I might be going like 60-100 miles one way, then come back a few days later.3. Then what I do before a longer trip like across several US states to a strange city, like to a convention, or vacation, or to visit relatives & friends that I see perhaps once or twice a year.4. More thoughts1. Daily Safety===========Depending on where I am parked, I need to check to see if there are any children on the ground in what are the blind spots of pedestrian just getting into driver door, and blind spots associated with being parked.I do a walk around to look at the tire pressure, just glancing at rest of car, verify nothing unexpected has happened.With car about to leave, I glance at gas guage ... is it getting soon to refuel?2. Short Trip=========I keep tabs on cheapest places around to get gas ... on this trip I shall be getting fillled up there at beginning and end of journey. I make sure I have enough money to cover expected expenses on the trip, and more besides, in case of the unexpected. There are phone #s in case I need to call road service ... I make sure I have them handy. If my car has been having any unusual symptoms recently, I get that resolved before going on the trip. I check the status of my spare tire, emergency stuff in trunk of car ... has anything come out that needs replenishment?Blankets etc. in the back seat in case get stuck some place ... the last time I had a flat tire away from home, I was at side of a highway without a lot of traffic & I was there 14 hours before help came ... in current heat that not a problem, but even without cold weather, blankets help be comfortable taking a nap ... I also have novels to read if get stuck some place.Different states have different rules. I make sure I have proof of auto registration and auto insurance on me.Something I often am doing in many short trips is transporting work related materials ... I also review a variety of security issues associated with that stuff.Before leaving home, I turn off and unplug various consumer appliances, to minimize risks of stuff going wrong when I am gone for a while.3. Long Trip=========Everything I said for a short trip ... also get tune-up, oil change, rotate the tires.I check on things that need to be done like every 30,000 miles & if it is getting close, I get that stuff done early, before the trip rather than after.Also check my bills & pay any that will probably come due before my return. Arrange with post office to hold my mail until my return.I have been cutting down on credit cards due to security concerns, but a lot of places do not accept travelers checks. I do have money in more than one bank ... make sure plenty balance that I can ATM draw against.I do not carry all my cash in one wallet, one pocket, one garment.4. Future=======I have been reading stories from the recent bridge collapse where people advise that we have in the car, not in the trunk, something to break windows, cut into air bag, if we get in some accident situation where we need to cut our way out of the car in a hurry.I have ancient id stuff in my wallet. Perhaps that needs to be updated, perhaps something like dog tags with my blood group, allergies, who to call in an emergency, etc.


Take extra fan belts. Keep two gallons of water in the trunk in old coolant jugs for the radiator. Keep a couple of cans fix a flat handy. Keep a fuse kit. Check the upper and lower radiator hoses carefully. Make sure your spare tire is in good shape and the jack works properly. Have the battery tested. You may want some screw drivers, pliers and a crescent wrench readily available. Don't forget a good flashlight and extra batteries.


Make sure your tires have the right pressure in them, oil, transmission, brake, power steering fluids are up to the correct levels. Also check your radiator, hoses for leaks, your spare tire is not flat, car jack, full tank of gas. Several other things--stop newspaper/mail, make sure TV, radio, water is turned off and have the cops come by at different times to look at your house.


Well it really depends on the trip you take,if you take a 1 tank trip/ or what some call several tanks of gas trip.1st if you havent had a oil change in a while go spend 14/20 dollars on a oil change,or if you did that already just make sure that you have a enough oil in it,then check your radiator fluids,lots of people forget that and they get on road and run hot and blow a head gasket.you dont want the head ache.next check transmisson fluid make sure its at the right level,after all that is done check your tires and make sure they are at the right tire pressure,if you do not tires can over heat and you can have a blow out so please check.next thing turn on your light,signals,4 way hazzards and make sure they are all in working order.next thing put a few gallons of water in the truck of your car,be sure to carry a flash light with fresh battries,some snacks chips or snack cookies,a pocket knife for accidents which if seat belt wont open then you can cut the seat belt to get out,or you can use the butt of the knife to break out a window if there is a emergency.I hope this info was helpful to you and yours.thank you


oil and brakes! and make sure you have a first aid kit handy


since your lazy, or really dont know what to do....take it to somebody that does, and pay them to check it out........


My normal trip preparations...check lights, air pressure in the tires, check oil, check coolant, and throw a set of tools in the trunk. That's it.



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