What are the best cities in Arizona?

What are the best cities in Arizona?

I am interested in moving there. What are some good cities with affordable housing?


Well, from the looks of your name and what I've noticed you post on here on a daily basis, Phoenix would be just right for you because it's the new safe haven for White racist violent crimals. They just want to attack the brown people and leave the real violent people alone.


Well, if you like living in an alpine city type area with snow and skiiing, try Flagstaff.If you want a safer area in the valley, try Gold Canyon, Queen Creek, or Glendale.If you want a college nightlife, try Tempe.Avoid most of Mesa, and most of Phoenix, most of Tucson. Horrible crime rates, high auto insurance.


Aryan, tell us where you are once you go. So we can come and see you.


Ahhhh.,... with or without purple hair?Phoenix. But it is a good place to start and get a job. However, Kat may well be right. Most people move out there in the summer time. That is not a good idea because the summers are very hot. You should go to http://www.city-data.com and look at that weather before you go. What you can do successfully, is go there in the late Autumn, and as the heat slowly climbs back up to very hot, you are use to it. And I enjoy it, but I have serious arthritis.Prescott, AZ is nice. Much milder weather. Flagstaff is nice, but expensive and a college town. Winslow has its own brand of nice, and there are other areas that lots of people like. Down on the Gila for example.Above all other things, you want to go and look before you go and live. Phoenix in the Autumn and look for a job.. and then look at Arizona.



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