What are the NECESSITIES to keep on your person/in your wallet at all times?

What are the NECESSITIES to keep on your person/in your wallet at all times?

My current list:Cards: ID, Proof of Insurance (Health &- Auto), Debit/Credit, AAA, Phone Card, Bus Pass,"-Just One Club Card"--Combines all club cards into 1 cardCurrent Pictures of all Children &- Spouse w/age, height, weight &- identifying marks listed on backList of: Emergency Contacts, Allergies &- Medical ConditionsEmergency Cash (Up to $100)/Change for PayphonePersonal Alarm/Stun GunNotebook &- Pen- In case you need to jot down a license plate or phone number --D


money and debit card with a lot of cash in the bankmy licensea pocket revolverand of course my autozone savings card


School IDPicture of my friends and IMoney - At least 20 bucksChapstickCellphoneNotebook/pencilNapkinsBandages:)


CondomsSome form of IDA sharpieA mapDisposable cameraA boxcutter and or switchbladeA phoneAbout $50 in your sockA backup pair of underwear, pants and a shirt


Mine right now ismy wallet: ID, Insurance, and Debit card.word search puzzle book,pen and small pad of papergumchap stickface powderand my taser.


My phone and chapstick, in my pockets..But my purse is a whole different story, it's huge, and has just about everything I use to get ready in it, hair straightener, makeup, brush, hairspray, money, extra phone charger, iPod, gum, etc..



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