What are the penalties of creating auto insurance fraud?

What are the penalties of creating auto insurance fraud?

I know someone that lied to his insurance so he wouldnt go to jail. He alreay has 3 DUIs and also just got pulled over and got a drug possesion charge a couple month ago as well. At the time he got his drug possesion charge, he went to a bar and left there drunk and driving. He ended up hitting a parked car and left the scene since we was drunk. He also hid from the cops that night in a warehouse. When we was sober and the cops finally got a hold of him he told them that his truck was stolen and that someone must of crashed his car because he was really looking at jail time. His father also lied to the police and insurance company for him as well. So he claimed that with his auto insurance and got a check and has bought a new car since. He is still drinking and driving. At the time of his accident he was asking me to lie for him and I told him NO. I have his text messages and e-mails and voicemails that prove what he did. I want to go to the cops and let them know what he is doing because he could really hurt someone. Will I get in trouble for knowing for a couple months and not said anything? Will his father get in trouble for actually lying to the police? and what will happen to him?


Simply knowing but yet remaining silent on criminal information is not enough to bring charges. You should go to the police with this information. Insurance fraud costs EVERYONE. And yes, his father will get in trouble for lying to the police, it's aiding and abetting and providing false information to law enforcement.


If you know his insurance agent, show them your evidence. That will get things in motion. They might sue him for false claims or go to the prosecutor.


Prison for fraud, and sued for everything he owns by the insurance company.


More than likely he will most definitely be going to jail. You have evidence both written and verbally that proves him guilty for fraud, not to mention the fact that he also lied to the police to get himself out of a DUI. His father will definitely get in trouble, for lying for him, due to the fact that it is assisting a crime, despite that he personally did not do it himself. Whether or not he was trying to help out his son, would make no difference. I say go to the cops anyway, besides whether or not your friend will be angry with you or the fact he will go to jail. He is a danger to MANY people on the road. Imagine if he had hit someone, or even someone with a child in the car. An innocent child could be killed due to his negligence and uncontrolled habit. What you are doing is right.Source(s):http://insurancewithease.com/



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