What are the top 10 best nationally renowned auto insurance providers?

What are the top 10 best nationally renowned auto insurance providers?

examples include companies such as 21st Century, Progressive, Nationwide, etc...


State FarmFarmersGeicoAmerican Auto AssnAllstate


NationwideGEICOProgressiveState FarmAllstateLiberty MutualFarmers (which owns 21st Century)SafecoHartfordUSAA


According to the July 2010 issue of Best's Review, the top ten property/casualty (includes auto) writers are:State FarmAllstateBerkshire Hathoway (owns Geico)Amerian International Group (owns/owned 21st Century)Liberty MutualTravelersNationwideProgressiveFarmersUSAA



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How much does insurance cost on a 2007 maserati quattroporte?
auto insurance rates are based on your driving record, not the make of a car

HELP! How do you avoid a car write-off from insurance people after an accident?
In the USA, you have no say in whether or not a car is "totaled" (written off). The insurance company has that sole right. Here, If a car is totaled, we do have the option to accept the check from the insurance company, buy the car back for the salvage value and then keep it in it's damaged...

What companies offer instant online auto insurance proof?
Any company that allows you to purchase without going through an agency. Progressive, Geico, etc. but not State Farm etc.

Buying Car Insurance: You Better Shop Around
With more and more car insurance providers offering online quotes and sign-ups, switching policies is now easier than making a three-point turn. 

Why do we need auto insurance to drive? In many Asian countries its not legally required?
Auto insurance is rather controversial. Some states will fine, take licenses and plates and even seize cars if you do not have it. As you say, in many asian countries (and even New Hampshire) it is not required. Several religions ban the purchase of insurance (Mennonites and Muslims ban the...