What are typically the cheapest auto insurance company in Massachusetts?

What are typically the cheapest auto insurance company in Massachusetts?

I currently am with MetLife but they increased charges this year, so I'-m looking to change the company. Any suggestions to cheaper auto insurance? Thanks!


If there was an insurance company that was cheaper than all the rest, everyone would go to that company and the rest would go out of business. Some insurance companies intentionally charge high rates to high risk drivers because they do not want their business.


"Flybynite Insurance" or the "We Take Ur money & Run Insurance. or "Don't Cal Us, We'll Cal U Insurance company"You get what you pay for.



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Is there such a thing as a reliable insurance company?
The best thing to do is ask as many friends as possible and get their experiences. Every insurance company has issues.

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When you're shopping for auto insurance, you want to be adequately covered in case of an accident. After all, you're protecting your life and your investment, as well as the lives of those around you.

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