What are we heading towards when the people are willing to let the government mandate we purchase insurance?

What are we heading towards when the people are willing to let the government mandate we purchase insurance?

from a private company?If you are going to answer that auto insurance is the same as health insurance I'-m not going to bother to finish reading your answer as everybody on this board should know the difference after months of arguing about it.


Fascism - the Democrats' dream.Source(s):That should have been obvious to you.


And I am surprised you continue throwing out the same old red herring.


We are heading for the leftists dream...gov't controlling every aspect of our lives.


I used to work as an insurance salesman.It works like this:Homeowner's insurance: gotta have it to borrow money from the bank. The bank has to be protected if something happens to your house. If you have to pay out of pocket to repay the bank after your house is destroyed, it could bankrupt you.Auto insurance (liability): gotta have it to register your car or get it inspected. Other drivers have to be protected from an accident if you're at fault. If you get sued without insurance, it could bankrupt you.Health insurance: gotta have it in case you get sick. The high cost of medical care could bankrupt you.Disability insurance: gotta have it, did you know 47% of home foreclosures are due to loss of income due to disability (A STANDARD INSURANCE INDUSTRY STATISTIC). Health insurance only pays your bills, it does not replace your income and pay your mortgate. If you lose your income, your bills could bankrupt you.THIS WILL BE THE NEXT BIG MANDATORY INSURANCE: DISABILITY INSURANCE TO "PROTECT HOME LENDERS FROM FORECLOSURE."Long term care insurance: gotta have it, by the time you need elderly care it will be very expensive because the Baby Boomers will overflow all existing facilities. If you have to pay out of pocket to compete for care, it could bankupt you.Life insurance: gotta have it, what if you die in a car accident onthe way home today. Here, sign up for this temporary life insurance right now, I'd feel terrible if you left this room without protection. It's inexpensive, and you can cancel at any time if you change your mind. If you die without insurance, and your family has to keep paying on the mortgate, it could bankrupt them.Permanent life insurance: gotta have it, did you know only 1% of temporary life insurance policies ever pay a benefit, you're just wasting your money. With permanent insurance you build up cash value, so if you keep it only15 or 20 years you can get all your money back if you decide you don't need it anymore. If you keep wasting money on temporary insurance, it could expire before you die, then when you die you'll have no insurance and it could bankrupt your family.Now here's the secret: by the time you buy all the insurance you "gotta have," THE PREMIUMS WILL BANKRUPT YOU.But one by one, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE KINDS OF INSURANCE WILL BECOME MANDATORY.OBAMA IS THE WORLD'S BEST INSURANCE SALESMAN!!!!EVERY INSURANCE SALES OFFICE IN THE USA HAS A SHRINE TO BARACK OBAMA!!!!ALL HAIL OBAMA!!!!


A nation where our freedom is dictated by the government rather than being inalienable..


We are doomed.


looks like we are headed towards a dictatorship because because I can't seem to find anything in the constitution that says they have that right, of course some people on here don't care so much for our laws and congress doesn't care at all. we are truly screwed.


Won't it be a hoot when his supporters wake up to the fact that what he is doing isn't just going to effect Republicans...you will hear a resounded "WTF" when it happens.


the beginning of the end of the constitution.


That particular move is a baby step toward one payer universal health coverage. If we remain on course as-is, we're headed toward becoming more like the social democracies in Europe than the democratic representative republic we were founded as. It's quite saddening.


Without it we will be paying their bills. I don't like that idea.I would have preferred a public, government run option for the purchase of insurance at a reasonable rate, but they scared people off that.People with heart attacks, broken bones, or in pain don't stay home and take care of it themselves, they go to hospitals, which then treat them, at a cost to them or to the public. Nothing is free.Nothing should be free. People who get their insurance thought work have been seeing a twelve thousand dollar non-taxed benefit, the business then gets to write off the cost. I pay for mine with post tax dollars, and at a higher rate because I have to have private insurance. Why should I have to make up the difference in the taxes the employed don't pay on that benefit?Many people here have complained that those who could afford it didn't want it, this will end that problem and bring our costs down by spreading the cost over a larger base.Of course, its all manna to the insurance companies, but thats what they wanted, now they will have to explain it to the American people when the same problems continue to exist.


We're not heading toward it. We're already there. People think as long as President Obama is pushing it, it must be good. My favorite thing to say here:If President Obama advanced a plan to amputate the legs of all teenage girls born in states that end in a vowel, not only would half the country think it's the best idea since sliced bread, but they'd line up to help pay for the surgeries. And half the new amputees would send THANK YOU NOTES to the guy.


Its NOT the govt, its the insurance lobby...THEY WROTE THE BILL. The govt is just doing their bidding.


we are heading towards a dictatorship and the absence of liberty, I really think we are heading towards a revolution either at the ballot box or in the streetsMerry Christmas and may God Bless you



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