What auto insurance company is the best to sell for and why?

What auto insurance company is the best to sell for and why?

I'-m thinking about getting into auto insurance sales. Anyone with knowledge know which company offers the best perks, leads, commission etc?


There are lots of compaines that are best to sell, just that you got to choose the right one that suits you the best.http://www.best-autoinsurance.we.bs/Hope this helps.


every company will have a different benefits, some may be commissions, some may be benefits, some may be how well known they are. You need to consider all when starting out. I have worked for a couple of companies, I will tell you that if you work for a company that is well known it is worth a getting a paid a little less so that you don't have to continually try to explain who your company is, I would start with a big company till you have some experience then you can move out to possibly an independent roll. Don't get stuck with the get rich quick attitude that most manager will tell you. I wish you luck in your decision



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