What auto insurance should I have for a car that stays in garage?

What auto insurance should I have for a car that stays in garage?

I live in California, I do have a car that I am not using anymore and it stays in the garage until I decide to sell it. By California law, is there any law that you must have insurance for car? even if it is not being used. if there is a law then what is my best options for auto insurance?Thanks, I appreciate any answer!




If I'm not wrong, you don't need to have auto insurance in Cali, as long as you can prove you have the financial ability to cover the liability costs in the event of an accident. But maybe you can consider getting an insurance that covers damage like from natural disasters etc? I've been using the driveshield insurance from dbs and it covers damages and repairs etc.Source(s):http://www.dbs.com.sg/personal/insurance…


Since the car is parked, "technically", you don't need insurance. But,,,,,since you are trying to sell the car, then anyone who would be interested in buying, would want to test drive the car, so then you would need insurance.Insurance "follows" the car, so if someone were to test drive the car and in an accident, then insurance pays on the "car" that was driven and in the accident. So you need basic liability insurance on your car till you sell it. Otherwise, even if the buyer is driving and is at fault, the other driver goes after the owner of the car that was driven. But, liability does not cover YOUR car, only damages to other cars that you could be held responsible for or for injuries due to an accident.After you sell the car, you go to the DMV and show proof of selling it, take off your registration and then cancel the insurance. Otherwise, if not and they fail to re-title it or register it, then if in an accident, then the other driver/car can come after you as the owner of the car you just sold.good luck



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