What can happen if someone finds my Drivers License, Health and Auto Insurance cards?

What can happen if someone finds my Drivers License, Health and Auto Insurance cards?

I lost my Drivers License, Auto Insurance Card, and Health Insurance Membership card. If someone found these items together what could they do with them?Could they use my health insurance to get treatment or rack up accidents on my auto insurance? Open Credit cards in my name? etc.


Auto insurance cards are specific to one vehicle, so they could not use it unless they found (and stole) your vehicle.Yes to your other questions. They could use your health insurance and open credit cards.


I would hope the person would be honest and return them to youOtherwise you are at a big Risk for Identity Theft You need to notify all the card companies of this to at least stop the ID Theft. Sorry for you and good luck


OMGyes ofcourse they could use themnot sure about the drivers license thoughbut call all those companies and tell them you lost the cards and that way no one can use them. plus you'll probably have to get new ones! but call immediately before someone does use them.


You should call your health insurance company and ask them for a new policy number.You should also call your credit card companies and report your cards stolen.



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