What can I do in this auto body shop dispute?

What can I do in this auto body shop dispute?

Hi everyone. A few months back I took my car in for repairs at a friend'-s dad'-s bodyshop. My car had been sideswiped during a winter storm while it was parked and the whole right side of the car was damaged. I reported it to the insurance company and me and the body shop agreed that everything would be fixed. On the contract they wrote replace and refinish all parts. The catch was that I would not pay the deductible to the shop and they would supply me with a brand new paint job on the entire car because I chose to use their bodyshop instead of getting my car fixed at Audi, or the insurance companies appointed bodyshop. I trusted them with the repairs considering I knew my friend for a long time (we weren'-t close but we were friends over time). They also said they'-ll do minor damages on the car here and there to supply extra money for the paint job. The damage adjuster from my insurance company went and saw the car at their bodyshop where I had dropped it off. The repairs commenced. While I was getting my car fixed I went to check it out at the shop and saw that the car had filler all over it on the entire right side. They were using bondo on my goddamn 2010 audi a5 that I work my *** off at the age of 20 to pay off! At first I kept calm and let them finish the repairs. I got my car back and it looked great at first sight. Not even a week later a person rear ended me coming out of a drive through. Completely his fault, was being wreckless and not paying attention. He gave me cash for the damages. Not even a week after that, I went into my car in a rush for an emergency from a friends house and hit a car double parked that I didn'-t see while pulling out of the parking spot. I went through insurance again. My cars front bumper and fender were damaged and the headlight had slightly cracked on one of the tabs that its held in place by. The thing was it was a european spec headlight from germany I had purchased to replace my original ones. Once again I'-m at the body shop and they repainted my whole right side hood and replaced all the parts this time because I told them I don'-t want anymore filler on my car. They agreed to fix my back bumper as well since I was going through insurance again and I didn'-t pay the deductible once again. Basically they acted like they felt bad and were helping me out. Next thing I know I find out they cracked my headlight to get the money from the insurance company for that, and damaged my hood too. They used filler on the hood and said they used the money from the headlight "-which was already broken"- to pay for the back bumper.Here is where it gets interesting. The second job they did on my car was when I started noticing all the terrible prep, lazy bodywork, bad fitment and amateur work in general. The paint was hazy, over buffed, and dull. They used fiber glass to glue an aftermarket back diffuser I had on the car because they couldn'-t figure out how to fit it properly ? (Diffuser is part under the back bumper). Over spray everywhere. Paint bubbles. The passenger side door handle felt like it wasn'-t even painted on the inside of it when you touch it. The back bumper was fitted terribly. All this bad work got me angry, and it made my satisfaction with the first job change aswell. I looked at the statement and everything they got paid for from geico and was astonished by how much money they made for what work they did. They made over 6,000 + in profits from parts they didn'-t replace and had damaged when they were originally fine (not including money they got for labor, paint supplies, etc). They didn'-t even replace the headlight which they originally promised to replace. ( (I gave them my regular one to put in until they find another german one to grab for me). I was first nice and told them my situation and they said they'-ll replace the parts that were fixed with bondo and refinish the paint and fix it. I find out they changed their mind again and were only willing to fix the paint.What should I do? I'-m down a german headlight and my car has bondo on the entire right side. I have the original written contract that stated "-repair and replace all damaged parts on the right side. Repaint and refinish the replace parts"- under the description of the work. What worries me is did I commit insurance fraud because I took a paint job and not having to pay the deductible to allow them to do "-simple minor damages on my car"- to get extra money from the insurance company? Can I argue that I was bribed by them or tricked because that'-s really what happened. I'-m only 20 and I'-ve already had terrible luck with this car because of the amount of times it'-s been hit parked and the rear end etc. Should I take them to court? They just made 10,000+ dollars off my car and I'-m left with a crap job and depreciated value of my car because of all the filler that was used. Thanks in advance.


Basically, you get what you pay for!!You have indeed connived at defrauding the insurance company! You are in no position to go to court.Please, this will help you, in later life, not to take deviations, from the accepted way of doing things.It is extremely difficult to sue a body shop for bad work, as this is a matter of opinion, and the experts will disagree on their opinions. This is the evidence that the court will use to decide the case, so it will not be likely that you win. In fact, you might easily come out of the case with a large lawyer's bill.Source(s):Counselor.


You did nothing illegal by not paying the deductible.That option is left to you and the repairer to work out any way you wish.The repaired rather than replaced parts is another story.They were required to replace them,under contract.It may have been sort of acceptable except that they did a poor job.They are probably assuming you wouldn't object since they did the other paint work.Your cooperation with them in adding fraudulent damages to the car in order to increase the insurance payment is definitely a criminal act,a felony.If the insurance company investigates this situation,all of you are in serious legal trouble.I would keep this between you and the shop.Try to work it out as best you can with them and forget it ever happened.


Whether you file a report to the insurance co. about this is up to you, I wouldn't. I'd file a report (for free) with the attorney general's office in the state where you live and then go down to the courthouse and file a civil suit, which will cost you about $35. Since you have the written proof in your hands, you have a legitimate claim to make good on. Add in two and a half times your claim for punitive damages and have that warrant delivered over to the body shop. If you have problems after the court date, then I'd make sure that I filed reports with the BBB and such so their reputation will be on the line and won't be able to do business again. It's the businesses duty to do an honest and good job and don't deserve to be in business if they can't.



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