What can I request from the other parties insurance company?

What can I request from the other parties insurance company?

I got into an accident a couple months ago. I know that the other party is suing for personal injury. I did not have an insurance company at the time of the accident. I asked for details as to the personal injury and they gave me none. Are there any questions I could ask or documents I could ask for from the other party or that are pertinent to the accident. Currently I have none and the insurance company is not being cooperative.


You did not tell us your state. The laws in each state are different, and the answer to this question will be different for different states.When you say the other party is "suing," I assume you mean they are making a claim, but that the matter may not yet be in suit. And you never said you were being sued.In a situation like this, it may be likely that the other party has Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Since you had no insurance, you are the uninsured party. That means the other party's auto insurance steps into your shoes, so to speak, and she can make her bodily injury claim against her own insurance company. If her claim has merit, she can collect for her injuries (meaning medical bills and pain and suffering) up to a certain limit, depending on the extent of her injuries and whatever policy limit she may have.If she happens to live in a No-Fault PIP state, she can recover her medical and wage loss from her own insurance company under her PIP benefits, up to a certain limit. But that does not include pain and suffering compensation. She can do this in addition to the Uninsured Motorist claim. Again, it depends on what state we are talking about.But that doesn't mean you are off the hook. Once the UM (Uninsured Motorist) claim is settled, that other insurance company will send you the bill. You are legally on the hook to reimburse the insurance company for whatever they have spent to settle that UM claim.If you cannot pay, they may decide to sue you, and get a judgment against you. If you do not pay the judgment, they can garnish your wages forever until you pay the full amount. They can also get a Writ of Execution, and take away your non-exempt assets. So any money in bank accounts, or anything else you own they can take. Do you own any personal property? At this point, it is all at risk.In some states, if you fail to pay this judgment, they can notify the state DMV, and have your drivers license revoked. In Minnesota, they can only revoke it for six months. But in Wisconsin, they can revoke it for life, or until the judgment is paid. Again, you did not tell us what state you live in.By the way, it is a really bad idea to go without auto liability insurance.


You can REQUEST anything you want. You won't get anything, until it goes to court and you ask the judge to give you disclosure. another insurance company would be asking for medical records - both due to this accident, and prior medical history, to see if he already had stuff wrong with him.Unless you hire a lawyer, this guy's lawyer/insurance is probably going to keep ignoring your requests, until you get a judge to order it.THEIR insurance company does NOT have any obligation to do YOUR legal defense work for you.Defense costs could easily exceed $20,000 - which is another great reason why you should carry auto insurance going forward. It might be cheaper to just pay them what they're asking for.


When facing a situation like this, it is very important to have someone you can ask for help or proper advice with. You should have consulted a personal injury lawyer who's experienced enough in handling such case to provide you with the right informations regarding your legal concerns, You have to consult a lawyer first before deciding on your own.Source(s):ledgerlaw


Apollo,If the other person is preparing a personal injury suit you need legal represention. You're not going to be able to do this on your own.Source(s):...


The company don't have to give you any information. Your best bet is to see an attorney with the police report, and follow his advise


You are going to have to make requests under the rules of discovery for your jurisdiction.



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